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You'll Miss It

They say you never realize what you got till its gone. Im stating right now that I really miss the use of my legs. I miss being able to walk. 139 more words

Always in my heart

The light in my life

But I will wait here awhile and if you want to come and talk to me, then come and talk… 16 more words

Wish you were here

“I yawned, stared at a post-it at my desk, and took a sip of my extra-strong coffee at 10 am, while my colleagues were rushing to the lab for the exam which got rescheduled to 10.30 am from 14.30 pm. 515 more words

I miss my Grandpa

Sometimes I feel all alone, 

Because God sent him home.

We used to be so close, 

But I miss him the most.

I used to ask him for prayer, 227 more words


Mr. Men & Little Miss

When I was younger, I used to love collecting the Little Miss and Mr. Men stuffed toys and read every single Mr. Men book  Roger Hargreaves ever published (I still do). 97 more words

Teen Tuesday

I Miss...

I’m living the dream I saw myself when I was younger, so for that I am very proud of myself. But it’s been awhile of me moving out the town in which i was born and raised, it’s been months since I’ve seen my best friend, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen my family, I use to be able to text someone and know that they would reply to me if they knew that I really needed them to be there, it’s been weeks since I’ve been out with one friend, it’s been years since I’ve gone out on a date. 74 more words