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Wishful Thinking

I did something stupid this evening. It was so stupid, I cannot believe I did it. And my response when I realised I’d been stupid was even more shocking. 189 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart

Panic Attack

I was doing my daily task
When you invaded my mind
I felt a sharp pain
In my heart and
Seconds later
My heart starts to palpitate and… 65 more words


Love Hearts Sailing By... Daniel Paul Jesse

Love Hearts Sailing

Love Hearts Sailing

Reflections shimmer in moons glow

Bouncing and bathing in the after light

Twilight night and heavenly shades


Sail away heart, catch the lover… 152 more words


Peaceful Island By... Daniel Paul Jesse

Peaceful Island

From The Book, I’m Waiting For You, By Daniel Paul Jesse

Peaceful Island

Slow dancing with the winds, the oceans friend

Sea level and peaceful love trance take me… 231 more words



I wish for you
on stars
and eyelashes
and 11:11
hoping that someday
my futile wishes
might come true,
but who wishes
for people?
Maybe someone’s… 174 more words


Forget Me, Not

Lost in the wilderness
Forgotten by a Lover
Heart turn to cold
Trampled the love
I once hold

Lost all the thoughts
The lover’s share… 104 more words


Just as the Autumn Tree

I woke up
Thinking of you
I thought my mind
Has forgotten you
But you were there
Just lurking behind
My head
Waiting for me… 64 more words