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Move on.

Move on, I tell myself over and over each day.

You don’t love me.
Nor do I love myself.

Its over.
Were over.
You’re never coming back. 73 more words


Quick Note

So Mommy and Aunt MayMay are trying to make amends and so far, it seems to be working.

I told Uncle Chris about you two and he agreed that I was right in dropping Aunt MayMay the way I did. 312 more words

I Love You

I still think about you.
All the memories.
The good ones anyways.
This will pass.
You’ll find someone that will make you forget
And I will too. 22 more words

I surrender

City lights
Lime lights
Cast shadows in the night
I think of you
And wish you were here
by my side

I think of you every day and every hour and all in between… 186 more words


Here again

She said: i don’t know much

But I love you.

And if you would ask,

I’d say yes.


I Miss You (spoken word)

I miss you in the morning
With sleep still in my eyes
Your breathing so soft
As I fantasize

The breakfast table is empty
Without you, it’s not the same… 70 more words