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Mysterious New Gully Spotted on Mars

A new gully has appeared on a sloped crater wall on Mars. The channel, which was absent from images in November 2010 but showed up in a May 2013 photo, does not appear to have been formed by water. 241 more words

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Two weeks on ‘Mars’ in a tuna can

Written for the E&T Magazine

“Sure, I would go to Mars if I had that chance, but not with a one-way ticket,” says 32-year old photographer, health and safety officer and back-up crew engineer Filip when I ask him after two weeks at a simulated Martian station in a desert in the middle of the American state of Utah. 2,258 more words

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The Danger of Needless Script Rewrites

With Gravity soon to hit bluray in what I have read is an impeccable and remarkable transfer, I figured in lieu of writing another piece about why this film is so great… 3,019 more words

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You want to go to Mars?

According to Discovery Blogs, these are the requirements to apply for the manned mission to Mars. As of January 9th, over 200,000 people have signed up for this ‘opportunity.’ Really? 498 more words