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If I puncture a few – or many – chests puffed up with pride, it’s only because I’m an obnoxious, cynical, ignorant prick. I have the utmost respect for the scientists who worked on the Mars Orbiter Mission. 369 more words

Press Release from ISRO-Mars Orbiter Spacecraft Successfully Inserted into Mars Orbit

India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft successfully entered into an orbit around planet Mars today morning (September 24, 2014) by firing its 440 Newton Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM) along with eight smaller liquid engines. 360 more words

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Moments of MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission)!

3, 18, 51, 330, 74,000,000 were mere numbers, until September 24, 2014! And then, one of the most diverse and democratic country added an astonishing element to it. 514 more words


Mangalyaan: Corruption Free India can launch 1000 Mangalyaans

We congratulate Our Scientist for successful insertion of Mangalyaan in to Mars orbit.
As an Indian It was really proud moment. It was really milestone in ISRO history. 247 more words


WATCH THE HISTORIC WEDNESDAY as 'Mangalyaan' enters Martian orbit and ISRO makes space history

In case you missed all the excitement, watch the event unfold in the morning today brought to you by our own Doordarshan.

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Why are MAVEN and Mars Orbiter Mission taking such different paths to Mars? | The Planetary Society

Many of you may be wondering how the MOM and MAVEN missions to Mars are different. If you had questions like I had about this please follow the link below to the Planetary Society Blog where Planetary Scientist Emily Lakdawalla explains the difference very clearly along with the… 48 more words

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Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) of Mars Orbiter Spacecraft is scheduled on September 24, 2014

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) of ISRO is entering a crucial phase on the 24th of September 2014 when the Spacecraft will be inserted into the orbit of Mars after travelling 653 Million Kilometers. 141 more words

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