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Creating direction

How many times in your life do we simply state that I am bored ?
It’s so easy to be bored and not see what direction you want to go in, the problem occurs when your trying to find the solution to other people’s boredom, its one of many challenges we have to face, what makes us happy, how can we fulfil our dreams and ensure out days are filled full of joy ? 147 more words

lessons from blockbuster video

I was driving through our town today and passed the former location of Blockbuster Video. As I looked at the empty storefront, it occurred to me that I remember the days before video rental stores and now we are living in the “post video store age” so-to-speak. 807 more words


Utopie - Utopía

Wie wünsche ich mir die Welt, wenn ich sie verlasse?

Sie soll besser sein, als sie es war, während ich gelebt habe. Damit hätte ich einen guten Grund zum Leben gehabt – einen Sinn. 866 more words


Michael In Mexico - Week 4 - In Which Things Get All Dickensian (His Words)

Things are gettin’ all Dickensian up in here…

…because this week was the best of times and the worst of times.

FIRST OFF: I GOT MY LICENSE BACK! 2,329 more words


The Sun Breaks Through the Haze

The sun beats down like a shower of rain, warming my upturned face. The clouds clear and I look forward to a break in the haze of my life. 827 more words

Spiritual Journey

Sgt. Kyle White Battlescape - The Mission (Part 1 of 14)

To view and listen to the full Battlescape for Sgt. Kyle White’s actions, please visit http://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/white/battle/
Uploads by The U.S. Army

Japanese Religions Across the Seas 3

This is part 3 of a translation from the book 海を渡った日本宗教 (Japanese Religions Across the Seas) by INOUE Nobutaka.

Shrines for Japanese Subjects

The only documents detailing why a shrine was established in Hawaii are about Maui Shrine. 222 more words