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Telling Stories

I love a good story.

And the best stories are the real life ones.

One of the best parts of my job is listening to people’s stories.   368 more words

Core Activities for a Gospel-Shaped Community

Brad Watson has some good stuff, and I really love this post about the essential practices of those who wish to follow Jesus. We’ve confused ourselves with what’s essential. 300 more words

Missional Community

The Most Frustrating Part About Missional? THE TIMEFRAME

Nic over at 3DM nails it on the head as he goes through his 9 tips for transitioning a church to missional:

6. Don’t underestimate how long the process will take…

96 more words
Missional Community

Early days when the heart sings

You know the feeling when you fall in love.  Some of us remember what that feels like, hopefully.  Everything looks so good, feels so good and the one you love can do no wrong.   293 more words

UP/IN/OUT/OF -- A Four-Week Cycle for A Missional Community

I have been enthralled with all the various models of missional community that are out there. I’m overwhelmed. I’m inspired. As I read about another model, I can’t wait to see it in practice. 321 more words

Missional Community

Difficulties in Assimilation

Shout Out

For this assignment I had to read a blog series written by Executive Pastor Todd Engstrom entitled, “Lessons Learned in Assimilation and Mission.” 784 more words

Residency Assignments

An Equation to Determine Group Health

Below are some numbers you can use after people sign up for your group to determine if you have enough people. (You may not know the people who signed up for your group, but may be able to work with your group coach or staff to see if others may know them.)  132 more words