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Lots of New Adventures

Hey y’all! It’s going to be short this week!

As all of y’all know transfers occurred on Wednesday and I got my new baby missionary! (: Sister Merriam is full of sparks and so much energy! 513 more words

Sister Missionary

It's getting real up in here...

The past few months, I have had to relate my story over and over again about my upcoming January adventure to close friends and family. At first, it was just something that was happening in the future, but recently, it has started to become reality rather than a “later on” thought, and this realization has me running in a tizzy!! 536 more words

I said YES to divorce


When I said “Yes”, I never imagined the separation I’d be forced to face. When I said “I do” I never fathomed a year later I’d be saying “I refuse.” I didn’t ask to fall in love with a man outside of the United States of America. 403 more words


A Pile of Shoes

Not your typical church service.  But then with God, what is typical?   The lady got up in front of the church and was sharing with the church how she is going to Mozambique again to help her friend for a while.  1,336 more words


The Mish!!!

Well I almost crashed the car this week.. We were driving down the
road and I felt something crawling on my neck. So naturally I freaked… 601 more words

How do we help Christians leave Alcoholics Anonymous?

What can we do to help Christians who are caught in A.A.? Some fear leaving, having been taught, over and over, that sobriety is impossible without A.A. 1,666 more words

Looking Dumb

Learning is hard—and humbling.  When we’re kids, we are learning all the time—how to read, how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to play the piano.  626 more words

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