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Summatime house shows

Hey everyone, here’s a couple snaps of Baltimore band Puberty Wounds doing their scuzzy punk thing at a house show Tuesday evening, followed by a rather interesting rap performance from a friend of theirs featuring Tears for Fears samples.  114 more words


Bail For Interstate 90 Shooting Set To $500K

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP)€” A Washington state man is charged with shooting another man in an apparent dispute over stolen drugs and leaving him for dead on a back road east of Missoula. 291 more words


Let the job shadowing begin

Seven SISU students met today with hosts from news organizations around Missoula to begin a two-day stint of job shadowing. Three were matched with TV news departments. 135 more words

The Press

A tale of adventure, misfortune, and impeccable timing

I have gotten myself in a lot of less-than-ideal situations in my life.

One evening several years ago, I found myself at the top of Stuart Peak at 10:00 at night with nothing but a water bottle, waist deep in snow with no idea where the trail was. 1,185 more words

07-26 Fruit Float

fruit in a basket,

floating away,

banana, apple, orange,

a pineapple kind of day,

fruit in a basket,

oh what can a boy say…

orange, apple, banana, 7 more words