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Bikes, Birds and Brunch

Green Heron on a Victoria Lily Pad

Great Blue Heron with Red Eared Sliders

Great White Egret

We launched earlier than yesterday’s crack of noon, for today’s bicycle ride. 225 more words

Saint Louis


I didn’t much care for my fifth grade teacher – let’s call her Miss K. A large woman, Miss K bounced around a classroom making remarks that left a person feeling uncomfortable about herself. 378 more words


What's Your Vector Victor?

Monarch Butterfly

Saint Louis NWS Radar Return

On last Friday morning, observers at the Saint Louis National Weather Service (NWS) noticed some fairly high radar returns moving south over southern Illinois and central Missouri. 256 more words

Saint Louis

Anne On The Zig-Zag

Now Anne is not feeling well. I’m on the mend, but now she is feeling laid low. When I came home from work, she was splayed across the couch like one of the many grisly murder victims in the James Ellroy novel, “LA Confidential” that she was reading. 279 more words

Saint Louis

Frogs on Water Lily Leaves

I struggled into work today. Fortunately, my boss was not at work today. Still it was a Monday and I have been sick for the last four days. 294 more words

Saint Louis

Here is St. Louis

If you’re from Saint Louis, this video will be the best 4 minutes of your day! Experience the non-stop summer action from The Lou, as depicted by Grain Inc. 65 more words

Saint Louis

Orange & Green Are Both the New Black

Today, we launched on our bicycles at the butt-crack of noon. My bike was outfitted with a newly purchased handlebar mount for my GoPro camera. It was Anne’s idea to try it out, before next weekend’s big bike ride. 475 more words

Saint Louis