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Hello world!

Well, hello there!

Welcome to my blog and my first post. Sorry for being cheesy, but let me just get through this first post of explaining who I am and why I am even writing this then we can move on to more interesting things. 204 more words

Mobile Journalism: One more piece to the life puzzle

Until this summer, I thought I was following Robert Frost’s advice and traveling down the road less traveled by. ¬†Turns out, after some serious reflection, I realized I had been following the well-worn path of a successful academic career. 627 more words

Does Feeling Anxiety Make Me A Bad Journalist?

There are a few things that I’ve always thought a good journalist should lack: anxiety, fear…basically humanity. I thought that good journalists should be machines, intent on doing the job without batting an eye, with complete unadulterated resolve. 310 more words

Graduate School


By most of my blog posts since arriving in Buenos Aires many of you all may be wondering if I am just eating my way through my summer vacations and visiting art museums. 390 more words

Miscellaneous Ramblings