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The Black Genocide

Why is it that it takes one of our sons or our daughters to be slain in the street for you to want to get off your behind and march until you can’t feel your feet? 221 more words

Album at a glance: One Headlight High - Live Free or Don't

One Headlight High – One Headlight High

Pop punk is one of the cleanest sounding genres around. Green Day, Jimmy Eat World and Superchunk created a huge wake of bands inspired by them over the last couple decades and out of rural Missouri comes One Headlight High showing just how deep those bands’ influences have reached. 78 more words


The Story About "A Pizza Story"

It’s been quite some time since our last blog post, so we thought we’d take a moment to tell you about a new restaurant that opened a few months ago in Maplewood. 369 more words


Actor Kevin Sorbo Posted This: Why Is He Being Attacked by Libtards?

Any excuse to attack a conservative, Christian actor. Click to enlarge.

Sources: Stormfront and Facebook. 7 more words

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Saturday, while on a radio show promoting Back 2 Basics Cooking’s upcoming Whole30 Challenge (more here http://back2basicscooking.net/TheWhole30.html), a caller by the name of Karin asked me how she could afford to eat healthy if she was on a very limited income. 1,197 more words


We Are Ferguson

We Are Ferguson

Some pain cannot be hidden, I have put off writing about the Ferguson, Missouri teen, Michael Brown…as long as I possible could. 824 more words