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Ukraine: Malaysian Boeing was shot down by mistake

According to a source in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, on the day of the disaster with Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines near Donetsk, Ukrainian air defense units practiced missile launch system. 312 more words


And memories keep resurfacing...

Sometimes, I get worried I will not remember 365 mistakes. Then other days, I feel I will have no problem coming up with one daily. It is amazing how one little thing will trigger a new regret. 306 more words


A Letter

It always feels as though there is nothing I can do. I feel helpless searching for the words that I need to help you feel better. 385 more words

The Messy Life Stuff

Female feedback; Can't I just give you the cash?

He asks: Why do women always want (men to spend money on) flowers? They’ll only die. 

… And eventually so will you, yet women want you. 131 more words


New Friend

I feel like a little kid in kindergarten who comes home from school: “Mommy, I have a new friend!”

I went to an event last night to meet new people. 494 more words