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Mistaken Identity

“When the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, “The Lord- He is God! The Lord- He is God.” I Kings 18:39

Bam! I slammed the door shut and turned on the machine. 530 more words

Christian Devotional

Fox News in France

OK, so you don’t speak French, but if you stick with this, you’ll understand the reaction the people in Europe have to Fox News’s reports that there are places in Europe that are “no-go zones” because they’ve been taken over by Islamists. 23 more words


Mistaken Identity

It always seems to catch me off guard when someone thinks that I am someone else, – sometimes literally calling me out by someone else’s name.  240 more words


Epiphany 2 Sermon – Jacob the Trickster Learns His Lesson

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.
Two young lovers are asleep together the day after their wedding. The new husband opens his eyes to greet the day, his first day as a married man. 2,253 more words

Funeral home buries wrong woman, claims family made error

A Texas funeral home is under fire for mixing up the bodies for a funeral and burying the wrong woman in the wrong place.

More interestingly, the funeral home claims that the family of the misidentified woman bears at least part of the blame. 208 more words


Police stop goes horribly wrong: Mother wrongfully detained while children watch

A Texas woman was pulled over by police last August while her four children were still inside the car. This week, she filed a $2 million lawsuit against the police and city. 125 more words