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Mistakes a Summary

So here we are, Wednesday again. I’ve pretty much covered all of my big work from home mistakes over the last couple of weeks. All except the one that I mentioned in the story of my freelance life. 437 more words

The Strong Hold

I’ve been taught to have a hard outer shell, to always keep my guard up, trust no one until they give me a reason to but as twenty years went by I’m not really sure that’s the person I want to be, that anyone should be even. 261 more words

The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs-Guy Kawasaki

Here is a video of a speech made by Guy Kawasaki at UC Berkeley discussing mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Below is the youtube video description: 54 more words


"Don't be afraid to be confused. Anything is possible. Stay open, forever."- George Saunders

We’ve all been confused before, but do we ever view confusion as a positive? It can be brought about from many decisions in life that we face making. 457 more words

18 Mistakes That Kill StartUps

This advice written by Paul Graham (Y Combinator) in October 2006 demonstrates the 18 mistakes that kill startups. This was written in regards to Internet companies, but it can apply to social enterprise as well. 97 more words



misjudged- judge incorrectly
it’s in our nature
we judge almost everyone and everything,
sometimes knowingly

if we look at things
from a different perspective… 49 more words