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6 Ways to Boost Self Confidence

I saw this on LinkedIn and found it helpful and interesting, so I thought I’d share.  It is an article written by Christina DesMarais, and there is a link to the full thing at the bottom of this post, but here are the main points, which may help if you have a lack of confidence (like I do at times): 44 more words

Our Greatest Teacher

Pain is our greatest teacher
Teaching lessons we’ll never forget
Make sure never to repeat mistakes
Turn suffering into wisdom

Teaching lessons we’ll never forget… 39 more words


Love Letter 006

I know it’s been a while. I thought I could forget you. I really did think I can get you out of my system. But it turns out that you will always be there in the background, in the littlest of details, and out of nowhere your memory would strike again like a perfect arrow. 712 more words


Don’t judge someone based off one mistake they have made because you’ve probably made a mistake just as bad or just as conflicting with another person’s morals. 840 more words

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Listening as I worked, I reflected that it confirmed the unwisdom of official biographies and autobiographies:  maugre the hype, this sounded both dull and sanitised.  Granted, it was brutally abbreviated for the audiobook, but wouldn’t the abridgers make sure the the juicy bits were kept in? 68 more words

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Task: Try to locate the source of thoughts. But you can’t find anything. Consequence: You can’t find nature of consciousness trough searching for nature of consciousness. 181 more words



First of all, never try a new dish for a dinner party. I haven’t made that mistake for a very long time. My rule was always to try a recipe first (unless I make one up, and I try it first as well) as written. 401 more words