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Clear Sight

For the Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: wordle # 188

resolute, flutter, spills, forgotten, stains, pirouettes,
children, miserable, decision, neglected, cloudy, moments

Clear Sight

Hearts flutter, might stutter for a moment, 126 more words

Poetry Prompt

Mitstakes were made, by me..

Love is like a plant. . . If you don’t pay attention to it, and care for it, it dies. This is the unfortunate result of many relationships, most recently my own. 460 more words


Confessions of a Black Hole

Every week I count the days until Thursday. I ruminate, ponder and introspect on all the goals I have established, my progress, shortfalls and new areas in which I can develop. 600 more words



Today’s lesson is:  don’t give up because of a mistake, learn from it and do better next time.

"Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry."

I’m a huge fan of lists. I’m a fan of making them, following them and ripping them up when everything has been ticked off. It’s the sense of accomplishment and self-fulfilment that comes with the writing of a list that gets me; knowing you’re starting something you can potentially finish, setting yourself a challenge and not stopping until the ‘to-dos’ are surrounded by ticks… 951 more words



I can feel it.

The need to run.
Push, pull, and scream

Nothing stays stable
Nothing stays whole

This roller coaster I live on
Is rusty and old… 31 more words