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Classic Movie Bloopers and Mistakes: Film Stars Uncensored - 1930s and 1940s Outtakes

Classical Hollywood cinema or the classical Hollywood narrative, are terms used in film history which designate both a visual and sound style for making moti…
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Forget about It! (In my New York accent) lol!

Okay! When my husband and I have a disagreement, and we do! He often must remind me to, leave the past in the past. He says. 98 more words

10 Tips to Kick the Never-Ending Diet

“I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.” 563 more words

Weight Loss

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

I kicked an unsuspecting girl in the head at the gym this morning.

So I’m at the gym every morning very early… like 5am early.  And I always see the same freak show there.   171 more words


there are no mistakes, ever

there are no mistakes, none, not ever, really there aren’t, I promise!

I have been asked what I mean when I say “no mistakes”. Frequently I have people agree and say, “yes, there is a bigger plan, we just don’t see it” or “yes, there is always a purpose even if we can’t see it now”, and truly, that’s not what I mean at all. 293 more words

The CrAzy™ Corner

“The greatest mistake we make as writers is not understanding what it’s like to be our reader.” Shannon Chamberlain, adapted from Stephen Pinker


Self-Employed Day Off?

As a therapist, I work with people all the time helping them “set limits” or structure their time accordingly for self-care, focusing on helping them achieve balance in their life.  360 more words