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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Renting Storage Units: Part 1

There are many things that are easy to overlook when renting storage units. Some of the biggest mistakes seem ridiculous later on, but they are easy to make at the time. 20 more words

I Was Wrong

I think admitting you were wrong is okay. I think it’s important to admit you were wrong when it comes to correcting your opinions on issues like feminism, because one of the image problems with feminism is that you have to have it all figured out. 1,024 more words


Mistakes are ________________ in theory.

You should never let a mistake define you. Take something from that mistake, and remember why it made you feel the way it did. Why will you do things differently because of the mistake? 23 more words

Getting it wrong

There was a moment this afternoon when my larynx nearly escaped through my forehead.

Like a fighting bull suddenly unleashed from its pen, it charged around the inside of my skull, pounding and pummelling, bruising and battering, and gleefully goring the previously proud, pompous matador of my vocal technique. 965 more words

Quote of the day: Tony DiCicco on Hope Solo

“Hope hasn’t been the easiest teammate over the years. … I think Hope is basically a good person who has made some mistakes. … But I would want Hope on our team. 56 more words

Hope Solo

10 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes

Happy Halloween everyone!  The holidays are officially upon us, beginning of course with the one we have today!  Pumpkins decorating the porch, decorations in the yard, throwing a party, it’s enough to make anyone want a house!  785 more words