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"One Thing I Cannot Write About"

There are many things
That require
A certain type of view.
One that is perceptive
W i d e
With unlimited space.

There are many things… 140 more words


Desperately seeking love

What is it about Tassie? I ask you. Desperate. Dateless. Powerful senator, newly elected, pivotal position. Misunderstood. Don’t get me wrong: to be great is to be misunderstood. 35 more words


My Depression is Misunderstood

A couple hours after waking up I thought today might be a good day. I was hanging in there pretty good. Liah woke up at 7:15. 516 more words

Drawn into Battle

Genetic and Social
Mutations of standards
From liniage strong
Parental skills passed by generations
Manners and inner strength born
Teachings and lessons passed
Growth of self… 67 more words


My Personal Story: Part 2 -The Beginning

The beginning of my experience with mental health issues goes back almost two decades. Since I normally tend to be long winded, and include too much detail, I am going to focus on the main event/phases, rather than mundane detail, in order to save time. 1,187 more words


The Wallflower File

File. New. A Wallflower.

For the longest time, I had never fully realized that I was actually one. It took even longer for me to actually admit it. 611 more words