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Dumping Water

After stating that I most likely would not be accepting this ice water challenge, I received a pretty nasty response message from someone. I also realize that I have lost popularity amongst some others. 434 more words

Let's Be Serious

My Personal Story - Part 1- Reiterating my intentions

My long-term intentions with this blog are to relay my inner emotions to as wide of an audience as possible.  I want to do this in order to help increase awareness of mental health issues, but much more importantly, to help other realize they are not alone.  630 more words


Maureen "Misunderstood" McDonnell

This story has it all: rising devout Catholic, Republican ex-governor of Virginia, beautiful wife, and $177,000 in gifts from crackpot medical salesman. The governor’s defense is that he and his wife weren’t speaking to eachother when they were living in the Governor’s Mansion. Please keep it coming!

Public Space

Context clues

Simple words



Subtle hints

I could tell you directly but I am rather flattered if you did it on your own

Will you ever be able to look in my eyes and see.. 7 more words



You have but one earthly life. Live it in such away as you’d like to be remembered.
If you’d like others to say of you that you were kind, then BE KIND. 316 more words

Diedra Perry

Apple wins Emmy for ‘Misunderstood’ ad

“Apples’ 2013 Holiday season television commercial ‘Misunderstood’ has won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for most ‘outstanding commercial’ in 2014,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. 292 more words



all my life i’ve been misunderstood in so many aspects.

1. not because i came from a broken family doesn’t mean people can look at me with pity. 248 more words