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President Daniels Launches War on College Costs

In its latest Trends in College Pricing report, the College Board says that over the past 30 years, average tuition and fees at private four-year colleges has increased 153 percent above inflation. 521 more words

The ideal, and unelectable, Republican candidate for 2016

“He’s boring, but he’ll get the job done,” should be the campaign theme for a dark horse, Republican candidate seeking the primary ticket in 2016.  This candidate could shock the nation with their unwavering desire to be perceived as boring.  1,982 more words


The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions | truthout

Indiana is a right-wing, conservative state. Somehow, however, the state seems to fly under the radar of the national media when they address the right-leaning activities in other states like Texas and Wisconsin. 244 more words

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Report: NASA Needs More Money And Focus Before Sending People To Mars

WASHINGTON (CBS Tampa) – The long-term future of putting humans into space is in jeopardy, warns a new report, unless NASA shifts priorities and gets a lot more money. 314 more words