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Lisa back from shopping sooooon!

Lisa has been spotted buying frocks for her new play!!!!…..Snapped by Mitch Hicks

Mitch Hicks

Welcome To The Wick

I want to write a symphony but I can’t write music

Maybe I can do it on camera

Layers yes layers of sound I lay down in snaps… 45 more words

Mitch Hicks

Alo ~ Hail to the loser

From Street Artist to Saatchi Gallery. The very first time I saw Alo on the walls of East London… I was blown away with the colour and design! 98 more words

Mitch Hicks

Goya dreams of painting trains


Can I really write about Goya and John Dolan in the same post?
They both have a dark side and a love of art. Maybe even trains!
91 more words

Mitch Hicks

Just begging for a caption!

Snapped this in Buckingham flee market! Unknow artist sorry to say but it’s just begging for a caption at least!!!!!…. Enjoy…. Mitch

Mitch Hicks