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* Mitosis of 0 *

We do not know what existed pre-Big Bang.
Let us call it “0”

We can make assumptions about “voids” of various
flavors, but we certainly do not know… 116 more words


Mitosis Video

Over the weekend, make sure you watch this video to review mitosis. Understanding this process will be very important as we begin to learn about meiosis next week! 27 more words


Mitosis Gifs!

Check out the cool Mitosis gifs our Honors Biology Students Created! Which one is your favorite? 28 more words

Honors Biology

Book Review- Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

I know, I know. I’m still reading The Star Scroll, but I had the time to read Mitosis at the Sanderson signing, while I waited for our row to be called, so why not read it? 857 more words

Brandon Sanderson

Mitosis Blog Lab Report-- The Cell Cycle


The purpose of our lab today was to examine the stages of Mitosis. The cell goes through many phases in the cell cycle. The stages are Interphase and M phase. 681 more words

Day 61: Onion Root Tip Lab

Science 9 – Today I thought I’d have the students try a microscope lab.¬† This is a pretty typical lab that is frequently done across all schools. 188 more words

Science 9

On genes, their impact on human life and why we should know about it

Recently, I have been reading up on biology and I am fascinated by some of the recent developments and realizations in this field. So, I decided to write about it and here we are. 2,067 more words

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