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Acentrosomal Drosophila Epithelial Cells Exhibit Abnormal Cell Division, Leading to Cell Death and Compensatory Proliferation


•Acentrosomal mitosis leads to chromosome missegregation and apoptosis

•Alternative microtubule nucleation pathways help compensate for centrosome loss

•Centrosomes promote correct spindle orientation in symmetric divisions… 168 more words


Mitosis. Inspiration.

Never realized how beautiful mitosis really is. So fascinating.


Let me begin with quotes from two very different sources:

“And ready-witted Prometheus he bound with inextricable bonds, cruel chains, and drove a shaft through his middle, and set on him a long-winged eagle, which used to eat his immortal liver; but by night the liver grew as much again everyway as the long-winged bird devoured in the whole day.”

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The subcortical maternal complex controls symmetric division of mouse zygotes by regulating F-actin dynamics

Maternal effect genes play critical roles in early embryogenesis of model organisms where they have been intensively investigated. However, their molecular function in mammals remains largely unknown. 135 more words



I wonder where comparisons stop making sense or allude to making us think one way or another…
Say mitosis, it happens on a single cell basis, think of a car, that is able to replicate itself! 85 more words


Australia Cell Cycle Community Website officially Launched

Great news, we have finally launched a website devoted to the Australian Cell Cycle community !

This site will serve as a hub for all the amazing cell cycle research that is performed in Australia. 37 more words

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A/Prof Megan Chircop

A/Prof Megan Chircop – Head, Cell Cycle Unit
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