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Today's Three

Today’s potential 2016 POTUS candidates,chosen at random, are Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ben Carson. Read on to find out what they need to do this summer and over the next few months to better their chances at becoming POTUS.


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell To Issue Formal Apology To Romney Any Day Now

No, she’s not really going to do that but she should.

You see, Andrea Mitchell was part of the liberal media chorus which scoffed at Mitt Romney’s suggestion that… 64 more words


Nine Arguments for the Existence of Thunder

  1. The next time you see lightning, turn off your television, take out your earbuds, stop chewing those Pringles and listen for a minute. There—hear that rumbly noise?
  2. 407 more words

Photos: Gov. Mitt Romney's family vacation across the American West

Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, shared photos of a family tradition online.

He, his wife Ann, and their loved ones took a family vacation across the American West. 95 more words


'Oof' flashback! Cold war, hot damn: Andrea Mitchell flogged with her own words [video]

Yes, indeed! Andrea Mitchell seems to have conveniently “forgotten” that, however.

Obama sends Putin a letter today accusing Russia of violating 1987 Reagan/Gorbachev missile treaty…

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"An Old Lie Makes A Shameful Comeback": John Boehner Owes The Public An Explanation For How He Can Be So Uninformed

USA Today ran an editorial today on House Republicans’ anti-Obama lawsuit, and the paper was clearly unimpressed, calling it a “political sideshow.” As the paper always does, it then ran a… 482 more words


Poll: If the 2012 election were held today, this guy would win

The man who might as well have been called Mitt Wrongmney two years ago is a more attractive candidate than ever before, the latest polling shows — sort of. 169 more words

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