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Video: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on ISIS threat

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on ISIS threat

Megyn Kelly gets this interview scoop with Mitt and Paul Ryan.  Just look at these two and compare to our current President and VP.  35 more words

Romney: I Never Thought Obama’s Mistakes Would be This Bad

“I was not a big fan of the president’s policies, as you know, either domestically or internationally,” he said, “but the results of his mistakes and errors, in my opinion, have been more severe than even I would have predicted.” …” 19 more words

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What Mitt Romney's Mormonism Means to You

Many Americans are suffering from “Voter’s Remorse.” After witnessing the incompetence and corruption of the Obama administration, many a beginning to wish that they had voted for the Massachusetts Mormon. 543 more words

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Obama is 'a good deal worse than even I expected,' says Mitt Romney

  • Romney said the fallout from Obama’s mistakes has been ‘more severe than even I would have predicted’
  • He pointed to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the tension with Russia as examples of how Obama’s foreign policies had fanned the flames…
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Paul Ryan on Mitt Romney in 2016: 'I'd drive his bus'

Rep. Paul Ryan is all for the current mania that surrounds Mitt Romney.

With polls showing Romney could top President Obama if a rematch were held today, the 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate attributes Romney’s current popularity to “buyer’s remorse” about Obama. 222 more words


Bob McDonnell Gives Ingratitude a Bad Name

The Bob & Maureen McDonnell corruption trial is not proving to be the unmitigated disaster for the McDonnell family that I first assumed. As the trial continues Maureen is looking more and more like her official portrait, currently on display at the Richmond Salvation Army Store. 1,123 more words


Romney’s Political Renaissance Continues

Mitt Romney’s on the campaign trail in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Arkansas the next three days, helping fellow Republicans running for office this year. For the 2012 GOP nominee, this week’s travel is the latest example of Romney’s political resurrection from presidential election loser to respected party rainmaker and elder statesman. 664 more words

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