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Republican Leaders Use S&M Terms to Make Amnesty Appealing to Base

BOSTON (The Barbed Wire) – In an interview with Spanish-language TV network Univision, former presidential contender Mitt Romney suggested Republicans ‘swallow hard’ to deal with the amnesty issue, even as President Obama has ‘thrown a stick in our eye,’ forcing the party to ‘bite the big one’ and figure out a solution to the problem. 273 more words


"The Undeniable Truth": Why I’m (Still) Thankful For President Obama

On a day when we pause to consider those things for which Americans ought to be thankful, I feel obliged to mention my appreciation for many of the things that Barack Obama has accomplished as President of the United States, and my profound relief that he is in the Oval Office rather than any of the Republicans who sought to displace him. 826 more words

Mitt Romney

Republicans and Democrats want to turn back the clock for 2016 election

A new Quinnipiac University poll was released Wednesday morning, and it shows that Republicans are still looking to elect Mitt Romney.

In an early look at the 2016 presidential race, Romney took 19 percent of Republicans’ votes, while former Florida Gov. 317 more words


How Romney gets in the way of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie

For Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, a new poll on the possible Republican presidential field might look good to them at this early stage.

But Mitt Romney is standing in their way, coming out on top as the choice of 19% of Republican and GOP-leaning voters in the latest… 178 more words


47 percent of Americans don't pay federal income tax.

Made famous by Mitt Romney and most conservative said that 47 percent should pay their income tax but I’m going to explain why I actually got to disagree with them on this one. 243 more words


Chris Christie in 2016 presidential politics: The pros and cons of a sitting guv

Last month, PolitickerNJ explored the possible scenarios by which Gov. Chris Christie, whose rumored run for the Republican nomination is coming closer and closer to reality, might launch his possible 2016 presidential campaign. 1,135 more words