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Tax Haven USA- IRA Accounts of $ 10 Million -and more

IRS Threatens Action – IRA of Mitt Romney Hits $100 Million

 Time to Move Your Assets

1,100 of 43 million IRA owners have what may be called outsized balances, and the IRS wants to rein them in. 746 more words

Asset Protection

47 percent of Americans don't pay federal income tax.

Made famous by Mitt Romney and most conservative said that 47 percent should pay their income tax but I’m going to explain why I actually got to disagree with them on this one. 243 more words


Cruz's 'moderate bucket' in 2016 includes Bush, Romney, and Christie

Ted Cruz, the Texan senator rumored to be among a handful of GOP hopefuls sniffing out a run for the Republican nomination in 2016, yesterday gave a detailed reading… 610 more words

"Hollowness Of GOP Arguments": Where Was Republicans' Concern for "Political Norms" When They Took The Debt Ceiling Hostage?

Else where on this site, Eric Posner argues that conservatives should celebrate President Obama’s immigration actions because they “may modify political norms that control what the president can do.” The idea, which will be familiar to everyone following the contretemps surrounding Obama’s immigration policy, is that Republicans will eventually be able to marshall the same powers Obama is asserting to more conservative ends. 791 more words


Poll: Christie tied with Paul in New Hampshire

A new Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm New Hampshire Poll puts Gov. Chris Christie and a potential Republican primary nemesis tied for the top spot in 2016’s first presidential primary state. 61 more words

Poll: Rand Paul shows early strength in New Hampshire

There’s good news for Rand Paul in a new poll about the 2016 presidential race in New Hampshire.

The Kentucky senator and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are tied among likely Republican primary voters in the new… 261 more words