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Learn Signal Processing with Alan Oppenheim, MITx and OCW

Much of what we do today, if we do it successfully, depends on the digital analysis and control of signals. Our computers, smart phones, video cameras, microwaves, GPS systems, all record and process discrete data signals. 261 more words

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Why do OpenCourseWare? Why do MITx?

As the former Chair of MIT OpenCourseWare’s Faculty Advisory Committee, Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa has been asked many many times “why does MIT do OpenCourseWare?” He spoke about his answer to this question last month at the… 38 more words


First MITx high school course starts Jan. 8, 2015

Earlier this fall, edX announced its high school initiative: a diverse collection of MOOCs specifically designed for the needs and interests of high school students around the world. 132 more words


Square Wave Oscillator with Op Amp

Straight out of the MITx 6.002x class. We were talking about Op Amps and how to combine positive and negative feedback to create a voltage oscillation (capacitor charge/discharge). 426 more words


Two MOOCs on Entrepreneurship

Are you an engineer who has hacked a really cool idea in your spare time, but don’t have the business acumen to start up a company? 273 more words

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A MOOC sees its greatest impact in the classroom at MIT (MIT News)

MIT Professor Shigeru Miyagawa has been a long-time champion of online education and open sharing.  Now we can add “flipped classroom advocate” to that list. 301 more words

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More Women in Games! (HuffPost Tech)

Philip Tan and Sarah Verrilli are instructors for the MITx course Introduction to Game Design, currently running on edX. They’ve also just published an… 191 more words