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Transitioning to College via a MOOC

Coming soon to MITx on edX is a new kind of MOOC—a MOOC to help high school students better prepare for college. Many students who arrive at college find themselves struggling with the courses they must take, as their high school experience has not provided them with the necessary preparation to do well at college. 359 more words


Two Months with a MOOC

My midlife crisis apparently began two months ago. It was August and I had just stumbled across an article about a free, online MIT engineering course. 675 more words

In Detail

Poem for EdX - MITx: 11.132x Design and Development of Educational Technology Course- Week 0

I’m signed up for this MOOC from EdX because it relates to my field, I want to see how they teach the material, and I want to possibly learn new things. 256 more words


Get your MOOC prerequisites here

The MOOC you’re taking suggests some college-level prerequisites? Have no fear.

Maybe you took the required math and science courses in college, but that was longer ago than you’d care to admit…and the details have gotten hazy. 300 more words

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Saphier Regina: Jég, Menta, MOOCs avagy "Virgin Mojito" Online

Saphier Regina: Jég, Menta, MOOCs avagy “Virgin Mojito” Online


Az Önszerveződés Lehetőségei, Egyes Fogalmai és Eszközei az Online Tanulás Korában


Hogyan Szabadítsuk Ki Gyermekeinket a Pocsék Oktatási Rendszerből… … 3,162 more words


MITx launches Education Technology course series

We must be in a Golden Age of Educational Technology. Teachers can use any of a number of platforms to make learning materials available online, posting videos and animations as well as images and text. 355 more words


The MOOC where everybody learned (Chronicle of Higher Education)

It’s an ongoing debate. Can MOOCs help level the educational playing field? Will they be accessible to students of all backgrounds, or are there limits to their effectiveness with some types of students? 260 more words