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Berry Belvedere Fizz

I like to say, “When life gifts you with fresh summer berries and a bottle of Belvedere vodka, make cocktails”. Actually, I just like to say, “Let’s make cocktails” but the vibes are definitely enhanced when you’ve got high quality spirits, farm fresh mixers and a few good friends to share in the experience. 355 more words


Gaston's Gin Fizz

Today, because it is my 21st birthday, I am posting a gin drink that my brother makes. He is kind of the gin king and all of his concoctions are good, but this one takes the cake (but not my birthday cake). 194 more words


La Belle Quebec

Proposed by: Jonathan

Reviewed by: David

The choice this week is more about the liquor than it is the cocktail. My somewhat overfull shelves in the liquor cabinet include rye whiskey, wheat whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, Irish whiskey, American whiskey and some sweetened versions of a few of those. 1,054 more words


Watermelon Slice Mixed Drink


1.5 oz  Smirnoff Watermelon

0.75 oz Lime juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

1.5 oz Cranberry Juice

5 mint leaves

HOW TO MIX IT: 53 more words


'Lush' for iPhone Turns You into a Mixology Master

There’s an app out there called Lush, and as you might expect with a name like that, it’s all about how to mix drinks. 173 more words

Patrick's Picks

"The Summer of Mixed Drinks"

Back in June, I was chatting online with a college friend, and I declared that this summer would be the “summer of mixed drinks.” I tend to be a dry white wine kind of girl – sauvignon blanc, torrontes, unoaked chardonnay – but I do love the over-the-top, celebratory experience of a fancy drink. 267 more words

Bites & Sips

Boozy Review: Sangria Rosso

While stumbling around on a hot August eve looking at Art I came across the Sangria Rosso. This is a red wine based drink that is on ice and garnished with a lemon, lime, and single raspberry. 67 more words