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Its okay.

There will be times when you will wake up to the feeling of solecism. You will be reminded of the things that will make you believe that you don’t belong. 90 more words



Its very easy to start a relationship these days. Since people have started to think Infatuation is Love. I LOVE YOU used to be so sacred but nowadays its just another 3 words which a player can simply tell 3 different girls the same. 218 more words


Distractions are Helpful.

At this time of an early morning of saturday, I decided to wear my eyeglasses, which I have not worn for the past couple of days. 240 more words


My journey in a long distance relationship

Hi, my name is Debbie. I am currently 20 years old. I am in a long distance relationship with a guy from High School. I will be a Senior next year. 487 more words

A Smile.

The smile can hide a multitude of sins. It seems my sins are varied….

A lot of the time all I feel is emptiness. Feelings dulled. 47 more words

Chimes of a Silent Heart...

I hear your rantings every night
For now we can remain in the silent night
I no longer care to fill the void in my heart…
99 more words

Mixed Emotions


Looking back, it seems like only yesterday that i had my first crush. I was 13 years old, too young i know but unfortunately it hit me just like that and there was no way i was letting it go. 281 more words