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The Missing Piece

There’s something missing in my life, but I can’t put my finger on it

My mind is going insane trying to figure out what it is, but this missing piece just seems to taunt it… 389 more words

Mixed emotions

The perspective of change around your face didn’t match the words that grace your lips.


Before My Grandma's Funeral

I wanted to start this post with some dramatic statement, like, This jewelry is all I have left of my Grandma. But it felt wrong. Satisfying to my inner, angst-craving teenage soul, yes, but wrong for me right now. 654 more words


A rollercoaster of stress, hard work, panic and happiness

The last 24 hours have been hectic to say the least. I’m exhausted. I haven’t sporadically burst into tears but this morning I was close. Very very close.  535 more words

Random Posts


I found out a very good friend of mine likes me and I don’t know how to feel about this. I have always just seen him as a friend. 35 more words


Before I Came Out to My Entire Family

Part of the present my older brother and his wife got for me for Christmas this year was two pictures from their wedding in May. One, which I absolutely love, is just the two of them, walking away from the altar as a newly married couple. 452 more words



“I don’t hate the darkness.
It was in the darkness that I was raised”

Letters Of The Soul