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So very close

I can honestly say that being only 11 days away from my trip of a lifetime to the other side of the world is leaving me with very mixed emotions. 218 more words

Share your life

I think the hardest think ever is expression of feelings, yes we can all scream about how we feel from time to time but getting your true thinking, your true feelings onto paper or into words, is almost impossible. 156 more words


Maturing slowly:

First crunch of autumn,

In the ‘Indian summer’ -

Strawberries ripen.


One month to go...

23rd September.

A fairly insignificant day to you maybe, but quite the contrary in my humble opinion because…

- It’s the 266th day of the year. 1,051 more words


Facebook's Effect on Mood

SOMETIMES I WONDER why I subject myself to Facebook. I think I should avoid it on days when I’m already a bit on edge because those are the days it pushes me off the ledge. 229 more words


Vegan Footwear

My boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our fifth anniversary – which is kind of a big deal for a couple who are only 21 and 20. 546 more words


Nah You Shouldn't Bee Scared


Every time I go to get lemons, this creepy guy is staring at me over the back fence…

“I have beeeeees… living… inside me!” he creaks. 311 more words