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How Stephen Hawking Got His Voice

We’ve all heard it–the robotic intonations of one of the world’s most brilliant astrophysicists, who lost his ability to speak due to complications from ALS. But how did Stephen Hawking get his voice? 251 more words



Cam Chioffi caught his first fish when he was two. Now, at 16, he’s a World Champion Fly Fisherman. This short film by Anna Miller, 104 more words


Chicken Cutlet and Mixed Greens Sandwich With Dressing and Pickles


4 chicken cutlets

1 cup of seasoned bread crumbs

1 egg beaten

olive oil

multigrain bread (8 slices)

Thousand Island Dressing

Bread and Butter Pickles… 62 more words


Off the Streets and Into the Ring

“There’s a lot of kids in St. Louis that need a place to get off the street…. Really, all they need is someone to pay attention to them.” It’s a pretty commonly-accepted idea that getting at-risk youth involved in some sort of constructive activity (like a sport) can teach them valuable lessons and help them make good choices. 151 more words

Mixed Greens.

Vacationing in the Nude, With Mom.

Vacations with extended family can be fun, stressful, uncomfortable…all those feelings are only heightened (I imagine) if you go to a nude resort in France. When  127 more words


The Last Days of Peter Bergmann

In the Summer of 2009, a man checked into a hotel in Sligo, Ireland, under a false name and address; when his body washed up on a nearby beach a few days later, locals could only guess at who this man really was.  88 more words