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R.I.P. Nogami Sensei

Nogami Sensei 

Once upon a time, back in the day when I was still an innocent infant to Kyudo, before I learned about the factions, the separations, the politics ( people always got to be trippn). 741 more words


Nov...and the band played on

We have been fairly busy as a band this last week or so. I like it, gives me a sense of the old self back in the day, but a better me. 818 more words


Black -n- White weekend

Weekend in B/W


I have an acquaintance in France I met via Kyudo, in Tokyo. He sent me a challenge via FaceBook to do a B/W photo a day post for 5 days. 677 more words


Atrocities of Old Haunting Today

One night as I was falling asleep I began to see history unfold as if I were there to witness the atrocities of my ancestors. As I watched, I saw the backs of men and women being ripped open by whips. 613 more words

The band played on

I was off to the club, by now I knew the way pretty comfortably. The Super Blues thing went well, over all we could sound like a loose group of fair players. 454 more words