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Zen in a Jodo temple

Monthly Zen night


It had been a while since I attended the group Zen sitting. I will call it a group sitting rather than a meeting since there is no real Zen talk, study just sitting. 456 more words


The Super blues session

Oct 5 th was the day of the Blues Festival called The Super Blues session at the Chicago Rock Blues and Soul bar in Osaka. I had thought is was just some local this bar only thing. 646 more words


A lesson from being a mother who is living abroad.

Your kids are eating while walking around, it is fine for me. Your kids can sit silently while eating, it is also fine for me. 607 more words

Wakayama mini trip

LZ made arrangements for a mini vacation to Wakayama, as a celebration for our first year and success in Japan. Wakayama is surprisingly nearby. It was only about a 30 min train ride. 639 more words


Happy Dusshera my (Word Press) Friends

We are in D.C. visiting The Indian and spending some family time together.  Today is Dusshera and for the first time since we have been married as well as parents we will not be together as a family on Diwali which is October 23rd. 35 more words


The Band

At the local Hospital:

The hospital is a weird place to be starting a blog from…thankfully I am just here for my check-up. I just had blood drawn and now waiting for my Doc. 946 more words


Gweilo fried rice

Those of you acquainted with our family may know a couple of things about us.

1. We’re a mixed race family.

2. Husband is one of the most outstanding cooks I’ve ever met. 989 more words