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Mixed Signals by Blair Gaulton

Mixed Signals
Parked in the station
waiting to go
when we will leave
nobody knows
a problem with the signals
we just heard is the reason why… 15 more words

Blair Gaulton

It's not Practical, nor is it ever perfect

There are moments when my hearts only desire is to be honest, to be blunt, clear and to give that good old filter of mine a god honest break. 1,686 more words

Sign of the Times

If it wasn’t so late at night this could be confusing.

But the open is closed…


Dating Advice- Dear Sybersue: After 6 months My Boyfriend Says He's Not so Sure About Us Anymore! I Don't Believe Him

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord  & Advice Columnist (Dear Sybersue) Answers Sandi’s Question:

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months and everything was going great until now!  124 more words

Advice Blog

Is it even worth it?????????

So I went out for my birthday weekend (it’s Monday the 20th). I decided to make an entire weekend out of it since I never really go out… ever. 720 more words

Fall, Fell, Stood Up

I feel like time is of the essence and it’s like an hourglass that times a lousy 5 minutes. Where has time gone? It has left me hanging in the same spot and stranded in the same phase I had never foreshadowed for myself. 598 more words

❤ To ❤


Sometimes people scare me. They really scare me. People have tempers or they get into moods and then I don’t know what to do. I ask what people want me to do in these situations: drop it and act like nothing is wrong, drop it and leave them alone, or listen, or talk about it. 288 more words

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