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No. 1

If I ripped open my rib cage,
would you place your hands in my blood and
bleed with me? Would you see the beauty in the agony? 166 more words


To depend or not to depend (on men/friends in your life)

I am part of the generation that grew up listening to Destiny’s Child telling me about Independent Women. My mother who was born in the 50s preached to me to never depend on a man. 947 more words


Mixed signals

So I got a message from the boy today.

The one I just broke up with because he doesn’t love me and was only in a relationship with me because he felt depressed not being in a relationship? 27 more words


here's to everything coming down to nothing

I always say that I’ve moved on and come to terms with the lost relationship between D and I, but I’ve been thinking and I’m not going to let myself front anymore – I’ve not moved on and have no where near come to terms with it. 1,403 more words


Is She or Isn't She...?

She’s got a wonderful sense of humour. Her eyes sparkle like… diamonds. Or stars. You don’t know, you don’t care that you just used cliché lines, because hey, those eyes really do shine like diamonds. 1,047 more words


Mixed Signals

I can write another book about mixed signals 😏 people who do this are strange…..the worse. Be upfront it does not take much 😒 send me mixed signals I will just wish you farewell… 6 more words

Bungle in the Jungle

Life is confusing.
Like so confusing that my head can constantly hurt all the time and my heart can pound at 200 mph just thinking about it unless I do things like breathe and talk and laugh and read and train and yoga and meditate. 411 more words