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Seriously....mixed signals.

It’s like I’m dealing with two different people, one day you are so into me and the next you are indifferent. Don’t ask me to share myself with you and then treat it as an innocuous series of events. 19 more words

Keep Me Guessing

Outside your comfort zone

So you are single and you start wondering…why am I still single? Well…think about it, in all your years of dating, what is the common denominator? 525 more words

Holidays are the worst...

I have to say that I hate holidays. It’s even worse than when I was single. Now, I have to deal with the fact that I know Hipster Beard and Music Mouse are both spending the weekend doing things with their girlfriends, while I’m alone. 186 more words


Mixed Signals

I was taking a morning walk

when I suddenly came across

a sort of antique boardwalk

many steps were now moss.


seemed there was activity… 151 more words


The words You say


You said I am your ‘other half’
But the last time I did check
You were so full of yourself
That in astonishment I wondered… 107 more words

The Plot Thickens...interest or just a pissing contest?

So, here I am minding my own business while on my business trip to California and BAM!, I meet a really good looking, intelligent, smart, and funny guy, who I will call J. 542 more words

The ever continuing cycle of mixed signals

So after our blow up this evening (during which I stated I would be moving to the upstairs bedroom) her new roommate showed up and toured the house. 200 more words