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Is it even worth it?????????

So I went out for my birthday weekend (it’s Monday the 20th). I decided to make an entire weekend out of it since I never really go out… ever. 720 more words

Fall, Fell, Stood Up

I feel like time is of the essence and it’s like an hourglass that times a lousy 5 minutes. Where has time gone? It has left me hanging in the same spot and stranded in the same phase I had never foreshadowed for myself. 598 more words

❤ To ❤


Sometimes people scare me. They really scare me. People have tempers or they get into moods and then I don’t know what to do. I ask what people want me to do in these situations: drop it and act like nothing is wrong, drop it and leave them alone, or listen, or talk about it. 288 more words

Updates On My Life

Mixed Signals

They are the worst. Regardless of whether it’s happening in a work environment, romantic relationship, or friendship – it’s a roller coaster of a ride that everyone detests. 171 more words


mixed signals

i don’t know what to think

i’d rather sit and blink

thoughts running in my head

about the things you’ve said


Do you really love me?

Or are you just bored

or lonely,

that you think you’re in love.

And maybe,

I’m just a perfect fit… 90 more words


TLDR: Still not Okay

This is the continuation of my feels dump a few weeks back. And spoiler alert, Life still sucks.

At first I thought that things got better. 314 more words