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the new mixed tape

once upon a time we’d have a pile of cassettes and label each one with important information, specifically song names or singer names, band names, part one, and part two and the date. 594 more words


Lost Pieces

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Now breathe. Take a deep breath. Push all those thoughts away. There, now you’re fine. People do what they must. 321 more words


Lemolo - #164

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Member(s): Meagan Grandall (vocals, guitar, keys), Kendra Cox/Emily Westman (drums)

Relative to: Dark Dark Dark, Perfume Genius, Gem Club
Genre: dramatic alt-rock, melancholy dream pop… 139 more words


The Chevin - #163

Hometown: Leeds, England
Member(s): Coyle Girelli (vocals), Mat Steel (guitar), Jon Langford (bass), Mal Taylor (drums)

Relative to: Churchill, Strange Talk, Animal Kingdom
Genre: alternative rock, electro-pop… 120 more words


Today's Blog Is Brought To You By The Letter Zero

I miss cassette tapes. Not for the sound quality or the inconvenience of having to rewind or fast forward to get to the one two… 280 more words


Max Frost - #162

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Member(s): Max Frost (vocals, guitar, production)

Relative to: Graffiti6, Electric Guest,
Genre: electro-funk

For when you’re: opening up shop

Release(s): Low High Low… 113 more words


The Belle Game - #161

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Member(s): Andrea Lo (vocals), Adam Nanji (vocals, guitar), Alex Andrew (guitar), Katrina Jones (vocals, keys), Rob Chursinoff (drums) with Marcus Abramzik (bass), Peter Carruthers (bass), Ian Cook (bass), Erik Nielsen (bass), Andrew Lee (trumpet), Rob Calder (trumpet), Aliza Thibodeau (violin), Kathleen Nisbet (violin) 133 more words