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Do You Brew and/or Mix Your Own Coffee?

When I was still spending time hanging out with my old mentor Ejay we would often stop by Starbucks to grab coffee in the middle of photowalks, and while I do greatly enjoy their delicious frappuccinos, it certainly gets expensive as all of the drinks add up. 119 more words


Mixing - Drones

My composition’s nearing completion now, which means its time to talk about mixing; specifically the decisions that went into mixing the drones that form the backbone of my piece. 613 more words


An Easy Trick to Make Your Drum Fills Cut Through the Mix

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you may remember me preaching this little line a few times: “A static mix is a boring mix.”  In this post, the same concept applies: “A static drum sound is a boring drum sound.”

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Corridor Digital - Audio Mixing

Very good video on mixing audio for film. A little advanced for those completely new to audio post production though.


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Use your high-pass filter

What is High-pass filter (HPF)?

HPF is a filter that passes signals higher than set frequency and attenuates signals lower that set frequency. If your HPF is set at 100 Hz, you can hear anything above 100 Hz. 191 more words


Cozy in a Blizzard...

Warding off the cold one toddy at a time.

A Winter Remedy

2 oz Whiskey

1/4 oz Lemon Juice

2 tsp Demerara Sugar

Boiling Water… 56 more words


Music Monday

I decided not to post another mash-up as I promised last week. I ran across this video while preparing for the mash-up and had to post it! 431 more words