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Northeast Frontier Railway- A challenge and an Opportunity

9 IRSE probationers were asked to go NFR for construction training. I was one of them.As the duration of training nears completion, its time to look back. 1,060 more words

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Top Five Health Benefits of Bamboo Tenga (Fermented Bamboo Shoots)

“Bamboo Tenga” is to Arunachalis what “Kimchi” is to Koreans. In fact so synonymous is “bamboo tenga” with Arunachalis that outsiders jokingly use it as a form of slur against Arunachalis.   483 more words


Reasons Why Prepaid Electricity is Not Suitable for a State Like Arunachal

So the government comes up with another idea to save electricity and prevent revenue pilferage. Really? Is that all they can come come up with as a reason and logic to address the opposition it is facing with the prepaid meter system? 606 more words


Ten Stunning Photos From Tuting That Will Take Your Mind Away From the Madding Crowd

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


Most of us that live in the twin capital city rarely get to experience the true beauty of nature, all we see around us is the dusty streets, the traffic jam and the ever expanding concrete jungle. 150 more words


Four Reasons Why Miss Ujum's 72 hours Fast has Already Created the Much Needed Impact

This post is in response to a previous article published on this site wherein the author has given 4 reasons why he believes that 72 hours fast by Miss Ujum Periyang  against the APPSC paper leak fiasco will not create much of an impact. 560 more words


Four Reasons Why Miss Ujum's 72 hours Fast will not Create Much Impact

While I fully support the 72 hours fast taken up by Miss Ujum against the APPSC paper leak fiasco, I have my doubts whether it will be as effective as it originally intends too. 405 more words


My Last Message for Year 2014

I feel like I should make one last blog entry for the year even though I dont have anything to write about as such. Every year, I write something of a summary in my diary for the year’s events on the last day of December and even though it always feels like there’ll be nothing significant to write about, there’s always at least one or two or three things that I look back on and think ‘well, I’m glad that happened’. 411 more words