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It’s a fine Friday evening/night and I’m bored, so I decided to start a blog. About nothing. Because I don’t know what to blog about. 323 more words


Out and about to dry off

This morning when I check on them, a few of them still had mold growing on the edges and sides of the pots. This resulted in me bringing them all out into the living room where there was warm air flow and a brisk wipe down. 157 more words


Hana-Kimi: Chapter 4

       Mizuki got a package from her parents, her two friends and neighbors, Sekime and Noe(their names are finally reveal in this chapter) noticed right away; they follow her to her room where Mizuki noticed Nakatsu in front of her drom walking around in circles. 282 more words


Really, by now you’d think I’d have clued in. Yeah, I have all the plants in clay pots that suck moisture out of the soil and evaporate back out, but I had all of them sitting in that clear plastic trough in individual niches. 198 more words


Nope. Why didn't I learn?

Well, the plastic idea is really not an option. Not for these guys anyway. Frankly, I’m amazed that Maya, Yuko, and Sui did so well in that large plastic pot I had them in for months. 251 more words