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Light-skinned Rock N' Roll

Not only are women of color pushed aside in terms of Rock and Roll, but overall, all participants of a darker complexion are too. Due to Michael Jackson’s and Lionel Richie’s light-skinned complexion, they became highly favored in the music industry and were able to obtain lengthy air time (Weisbard, 4).

How Marijuana Saved My Life - V


There are many reasons why marijuana should be regulated and legalised.


Hemp, the stalk of the Cannabis plant is what some would call a wonder crop. 3,332 more words


How Marijuana Saved My Life - Part IV


There are many reasons why people believe marijuana should remain illegal.

Much of my sourced content comes from a man named Robert DuPont and his response letter (from his IBH position) to a Global Commission report on drug policy. 2,935 more words


How Marijuana Saved My Life - Part III



Now that we have some understanding of the history of drugs, we can get into the debate on marijuana. As a basis to get some points for the pro-legalisation and anti-legalisation arguments, I’ve noted in tables below points from two ‘debates’ on CNN. 1,427 more words


How Marijuana Saved My Life - Part II

History of Marijuana[i]

There is evidence of the inhalation of cannabis smoke that can be found as early as the 3rd millennium BC. Cannabis leaf fragments and seeds were found next to a 2500+ year old mummified shaman in China. 3,012 more words


How Marijuana Saved My Life - Part I

Drugs have likely been around since before pre-historic man. They have been used throughout the evolution of human history in religion, ritual, global trade, medicine and recreation. 2,235 more words



April 2012

MJ’s annual vet check-ups and boosters occur in April. It’s sort of a big deal for her: she sits up front in the car, looking out the window, jamming along to the radio. 338 more words