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Good or Bad? NY Club Hosting EDM Dance Party For 6yr Olds...

I’d say “Awesome”… if I was 6. I did attend an awesome Saturday night “sock hop” at the skating rink I went to as a kid, and I absolutely loved it and always thought, it would be cool if more places were doing it, although I was at a more mischievous age of 11-12 when mom and dad weren’t around, but this one is for youngsters as young6 and must be accompanied by a parent and vice versa. 372 more words


How To Make Halloween Vodka Gummi Bears For Adults!

Vodka Infused Gummi Bears!

Mmm, perfect for your halloween party, or great for a fun night with delicious treats…adults only! Super easy to make, check out the video below from… 26 more words


Behind The Song: Who Did Gwen Stefani Call A 'Hollaback Girl'

So who was Gwen Stefani referring to as a “Hollaback Girl”  none other than our favorite rock queen we ‘Love’ to hate… Courtney Love 

2004 Stefani took offense to some comments Love had made  about the music business being like a high school, … 96 more words


#TBT: BEST OF Youtube Prank "Kids, We Ate Your Halloween Candy"

Halloween is approaching, and nothing secretly pleases us more than watching parents toy with their childrens emotions and telling them. “WE ATE YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDY!” Jimmy Kimmel launched a youtube challenge to parents to spoof their children…and their reactions are priceless. 9 more words


Tipsy Tuesday: How To Make Jolly Rancher Vodka At Home

Holidays are a comin’, so why not have some fun with party drinks. Theses would actually make some great cheap gift ideas too! Check out how to make… 18 more words


Behind The Song: Who Was Nine Inch Nails 'Star-------' Inc.' Really About

This is a good one, because by the time the video came out…the two had made up. So, who pissed off Trent Reznor and inspired his single… 17 more words