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Week C3: The Great MKMMA Adventure - Flying Lessons

You want to learn to fly. You make the call, set the appointment, pay the fee, and show up!

So far, so good.

The Flying Instructor taxis out to the runway in a sweet little Cessna, climbs out of the plane, introduces himself, congratulates you on your decision, and with a big smile, says to you, “Let’s get you started!” 555 more words


My Hero's Journey Week 2

If I Were a Turtle

Turtles are amazing animals. From the moment they are born they have a natural instinct to follow their purpose, their destiny. 271 more words

Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Week C2: The Great MKMMA Adventure - Giant Seekers and Slayers

Dave Ramsey said that when he was bankrupt, he sought out millionaires.  Now that he is a millionaire, he seeks out billionaires. He understands the importance of seeking out and living in a world of Giants. 451 more words


Week C1: The Great MKMMA Adventure - Agent Smith Removes His Earpiece

I have great hope for Agent Smith. In my version of The Matrix, he evolves from machine to Man.  What is my evidence for this?  When he speaks with Morpheus, he removes his ear… 638 more words


WEEK 24 – Practical Spirituality

Spirituality is … intensely practical … the Real Thing, the Whole Thing.  Matter is but plastic stuff, which Spirit is able to create, mould, manipulate, fashion to its will.  368 more words

Master Key

Master Key Completion

The definition of a goal is an object or an event towards which play is directed in order to score. The last six months fit into my play. 335 more words


Week 25- See God In others...

Wow, what a week. I have truly been dusting off and polishing my Golden Buddha this week.

Mark J’s MKMMA webinar last week really was a wake up call to me. 182 more words