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Cool "Techy" Mom Transformation

When I returned to school this past year to augment my instructional design skills with mobile application development know how, it was not my intent to overhaul my mothering role. 490 more words


User Interface Design & mLearning

This past week, I spent reading and reviewing client applicable learning theory and  user interface design for two projects I presently create.  This first step for learning design and development is crucial  to all  mLearning  projects I undertake.  548 more words


Is There a Recipe For eLearning Success?

What does it take to become an eLearning award winner? Unicorn‘s Senior Relationship Manager Sarah Nutley investigates.

I was invited to find out what it takes to be an award winner at the… 810 more words

Using a mobile application to create better storyboards

In this video, I will show you how I use a mobile application to create better storyboards and to avoid some problems I encounter when writing storyboards in Word. 20 more words


Mobile Application Development

This year, as stated previously, I headed back to school to augment my mLearning skills through mobile application development study.  Requirements for the mobile application program to which I am enrolled, include the research, design, development, and marketing of fully functional mobile applications. 487 more words


Instructional Design Software Know How

Instructional design is a growing and evolving profession. I am relatively new to the private field of instructional design. Thus, I spend quite a bit of time researching the field as a newcomer. 517 more words


Mojotillett - Introducing the History of Me!

Here is a little interactive resume I put together to give people an idea of my background and the type of services I offer.  It’s a short little e-learning style presentation with narration that I did here in my studio. 92 more words