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An Ode to Halo 2: More Than Just a Game

The famous Nobel Prize laureate in literature and philosopher, Albert Camus, asked the following question about happiness: “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” Often thought unattainable or reserved for those who have achieved vast economic successes, happiness proves to be as elusive as it is abstract. 2,734 more words


Profile: MLG's Chris Puckett

If you’ve watched live events on MLG, you know Chris Puckett. He started as a gamer — Halo was his focus.

But as FoxSports.com writes in a full feature on Puckett: “He joined MLG as Tournament Director in 2004, as a contractor, and gave up competing as it would pose a conflict of interest. 108 more words


Uplink : Advancing the Competition

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the 11th installment in the main call of duty franchise. The days of standard Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch are over. 284 more words


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Chris Crowder: Proving That Playing Video Games Can Pay off…in the Tens of Thousands

Who is he?

Chris Crowder, better known by his gamertag “Replays”, is an electronic athlete and has been a top tier competitor in the Call of Duty scene since 2008 when he first started playing… 530 more words


360 No Scope vs Tactical Head

This week we bring back the 360 No scope series. Testing the results on the Tactical Training head. This head is a target intended for military and law enforcement use. 34 more words


343 Industries Announces the Halo Championship Series

#WeBack has never felt this real.

Following their announcement of the Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational — an 8-team gauntlet approaching this weekend featuring some of Halo’s greatest players battling it out in Halo 2: Anniversary for tens of thousands of dollars in prize money — 343 Industries revealed its epic plans for Halo eSports with the… 311 more words