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My Lovely High School Boyfriend

Tittle       : My Lovely High School Boyfriend

Cast       : Hwang Sungyeol (Infinite Lee Sungyeol) & Siwoo (Infinite Kim Myungsoo)

Genre    : Angst, Romance (BoyxBoy)

Length  : Oneshot… 1,297 more words


Video Games: Increasing in Popularity and Seriousness

Throughout my entire high school career, my friends and I spent countless hours playing the FIFA soccer video games after school. It was a great way to hangout and relax after spending a long day at school, and it also allowed us to spark a little competition to see who was the best among our group of friends. 574 more words

All In A Game

Daily Tip

Daily Tip 10/10/14: In Destiny>Crucible>Control, try to continuously move around so as to gain the most points from capturing control points. The majority of people who get first place in the game are actually people that run around capturing points at the last second possible to get the most points possible from the control points, unless there is a super pro MLG (Major League Gamer) level 29/30 going around wrecking the entire enemy team. (which will probably happen, sadly).

University Recognizes Video Games as a Varsity Sports

Robert Morris University has become the first University to recognize  competitive video games as a varsity sports. Does this mean we’ll soon see stadiums full of crowds cheering on a game of “Blades of Steel”? 385 more words

Video Games

MLG Building eSports Arena in Columbus

Major League Gaming is going to add a third major production facility to its portfolio of studios. With a studio and headquarters in New York City and the recently announced MLG Gaming Arena in China, MLG is going to add to its footprint by constructing a new flagship venue in Columbus, Ohio, called the MLG.tv Columbus Arena. 226 more words


BroKen Podcast Moving To MLG.tv?

Felix Kjellberg, or better known on his YouTube channel as “PewDiePie“, has recently partnered up with MLG.tv , Major League Gaming, in broadcasting his recently started podcast “BroKen” featuring Kenneth Morrison, another YouTube personality going by “ 291 more words