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Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn First Impression

Since Square Enix is letting anyone play Final Fantasy 14 for free I decided to give it a shot. 


Archeage and the Path to Predictability

I keep hearing people bitch about how much damage the cloning of wow has done to the industry. How every product us the same and flitting between each release like a plague of locusts. 1,175 more words


Firefall: A new what to do for a newb like you

There is a lot that’s changed in Firefall now and it seems a lot of what I wrote before in my noob guide is a little obsolete. 1,782 more words


Open World Adjustments in Firefall

It seems I was a little wrong in my Firefall post the other day. I was excited to get back in and some of it just isn’t apparent if your higher level and running around with a group. 1,102 more words


Dog Returns to Guild Wars 2

I’ve returned to good old Guild Wars 2, and IT’S AMAZING. I heard that menu music again and was like “dayum I ‘member that”. Also, I’ve always wanted to go the Maguuma Wastes due to how cool it looks on the world map. 30 more words


Is Zenimax On Damage Control Right Now?

The Elder Scrolls Online just released on Steam a few days ago and the forums were immediately filled with people that already own the game telling everyone to stay as far away as they can from this game. 


Firefall and more of the same

Jumping in it Firefall again has been rather illuminating. I keep wondering around the mmo landscape searching for that mmo home, a place to settle down in and maybe become a part of it. 997 more words