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FFXIV Part two


  • The tank and spank model needs to go
  • Run forest run
  • You can’t handle your job
  • Greatswords aren’t a thing until our first expansion.
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Passing Thoughts

The Secret World: The Belated Halloween Event

The Secret World Halloween update that was supposed to have gone live on October 20 didn’t happen. It didn’t happen the week after either. It finally dropped, the day before Halloween or thereabouts, and I didn’t get the chance to check it out until last night’s session of TSW Monday, along with Tententacles, Syp and Winin, who has recently come back to the game and is checking out the Meowling cat quest from previous years. 138 more words

MMO Games

Battle Bards Episode 38: The Elder Scrolls Online

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

The Elder Scrolls soundtracks have a legendary reputation in the video game community, but when you take Jeremy Soule (mostly) out of the mix, can the MMO score stand up to this legacy?  71 more words

MMO Games

Battle Bards Episode 37: At The Market Fair

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Fill your coin purses and come on out for a day at the market with the Battle Bards! 123 more words

MMO Games

WoW: We Are Legendary

The legendary cloak wasn’t something I expected ever to get, but at the beginning of September when I resubbed to World of Warcraft I saw that things for the quest chain were in full swing. 304 more words

MMO Games

Archeage - From the Beginning

So I finally managed to make it on to Archeage last night after numerous attempts in the last two weeks since the game moved out of Beta. 1,077 more words

PC Gaming

Secret Mondays: We're Back In Business

The Secret World is back with new content, having released a new pack of Side Stories in their latest patch. I had to delay my return to the game for a week because I was out of town, but now I’m back and together with my usual Secret Monday crew consisting of… 189 more words

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