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ESO: Storming Spindleclutch

The first time in a new MMO’s dungeon is always such a learning experience — it not only gives you such insight on the play style of your role or class, but also into the game and its mechanics as well. 309 more words

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Geek Wife - Oh The Love Of Playing The Evil Characters

Last night, the minute I landed I could tell there was trouble. Immediately, I was approached by a rather scruffy man wearing a long cloak. He told me there was trouble up ahead and that he needed my assistance to bring back some of his students trapped in the woods. 598 more words

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ESO: Happy Launch Day

While those who preordered have been playing in headstart, today is the official launch day of Elder Scrolls Online for PC. If you’re already in the game, I hope you’ve been enjoying the experience as much as I have. 488 more words

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Battle Bards Episode 24: World Of Warcraft Part II

A new episode of Battle Bards is live!

Can you believe also that our podcast is a year old? This week, we’re returning to Azeroth, because let’s face it, we could be covering the music of World of Warcraft with a show featuring it every year and we’ll still never be able to cover all the amazing music in this game. 133 more words

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Making Landfall In Landmark

My closed beta email for Landmark finally arrived late last night, so it wasn’t until this morning that I got to jump into the game to check things out for myself. 334 more words

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Battle Bards Episode 22: Guild Wars

I know it’s been a while, but you can’t keep the Battle Bards away! We are back with a new episode, this time featuring the songs of Guild Wars. 100 more words

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Elder Scrolls Online Impressions: Characters

Inspired by some of the comments on my last Elder Scrolls Online post, I’ve decided to talk about my experiences with different classes in the game. 240 more words

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