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Final Fantasy XIV A Ninja Job

A new class is being introduced to Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. The ninja is part of 2.4 patch package to address issues as well as what a mentioned above allow you zip around the place ninja style. 70 more words


Donors for August 23, 2014

Lots of new people today! Good! It being Saturday I expected new players which is always nice. By the way, thank you all for helping out with informing the newer players about the rules of PMing and so forth. 125 more words


New Episode of Corellian Run Radio & SWTOR GGC News!

Hi guys! I’ve been pretty busy in-game with the new Galactic Strongholds expansion! So far, my guild is holding #1 on Voss, which is very exciting! 72 more words


my top ten dungeons #5 (Erudin Research Halls)

Post 22 of Blaugust

So we’re back to EQ2 for the Erudin Research Halls and this time during The Sentinel’s Fate¬†expansion.

This is quite a fun zone with some interesting fights.   550 more words


Donors for August 22, 2014

A crazy one today! Remember, guys. If a troll comes on and starts badmouthing people, just stick them on ignore. When food is scarce, they will move on. 232 more words


SWTOR Strongholds: Do Your Research (or suffer like me...)

I have no one to blame but myself, but I figured I’d share a little warning for those who hit my blog by searching. Do…not…bother spending the 5 Dark Projects and 5 MK-3 Universal Prefab kits to buy a class ship unless you have fully unlocked Nar Shaddaa or Tatooine. 265 more words


Digital Escapism in the Age of mulitplayer titles

Relaxation. Whenever I find someone that cares enough to task me why I play games, The first and foremost answer is relaxation. I shut out the annoying people and tedious tasks and just immerse myself in something not possible in the real world. 331 more words