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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 108: Archer

It took me a while to find the right look for my arch– I mean, my ranger, but I think I finally did it. This is a look that might look better on a thief, but I find it so hard to find pieces I like from the medium category.

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Hello Fox Friends!

This was originally posted on the Foxotic Blog:

We will be launching the Foxotic 2.0 MMO game soon for devices that support Flash. 137 more words


No, More Options Are Not Always Better

Today I want to bring you a bit of a rant spurred on by some spurious popular wisdom – that more options are always better. I frequently see this used in forum posts or articles, always with no justification or support provided. 900 more words


Rant of the Day: Episode 3: Trolls!

We have had this happen before in the past, all of us have. We get online, run a dungeon and run into the biggest suckiest person around. 223 more words


Donors for April 18th, 2014

Another good giveaway today capped off by a Fleet Ship Module being given. I am quite happy when we have minimal issues! It seems people are really starting to understand what the giveaway is all about – Community! 36 more words


The Elder Scrolls Online Already 35% Off, Comes With Extra Free Bethesda Game Too

It’s too early to tell if The Elder Scrolls Online is a success or a failure, but a massive deal well within its launch period might help sway some numbers. 199 more words


Free Game Friday

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. The game’s Realm of the Mad God a free to play bullet hell MMO. It just got an update, so if you’re looking for a time killer, or played it before and lost interest take a look!