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Where is our Warlords of Draenor Review?

A game as large as World of Warcraft made even larger by its 5th expansion, Warlords of Draenor, takes a bit of time to get through and see and experience everything. 81 more words


Donors for January 27, 2015

Today was another solid giveaway. The last few have been really smooth and pretty much drama free; just the way I like it. I am glad we are getting a steady stream of new people in the channel. 212 more words


Dragons Dogma Online Announced For Eastern Regions

Dragons Dogma Online is a new MMO from Capcom. For those who don’t know Dragons Dogma is a third person fantasy action RPG. It didn’t do super well over here, so it is no surprise it’s not coming west. 75 more words


Destiny Daily 1/27/15: Kill The Will of Crota In This Week's Nightfall, Daily Bounties

It’s time once again for a weekly reset. The Nightfall is, you guessed it, killing Omnigul, which means you’ll need the DLC. They’re really pushing that hard with how often the two story missions and this strike come up in the playlists. 783 more words


Floating in a Tin Can

Sci-fi MMOs are, in my opinion, nowhere near the level of tapped out that fantasy MMOs are…probably because the whole spaceship things is hard to design around.  875 more words


Ze Stinky Cheese Folk

I would like to add a small note first, I am not prejudiced against the French. Most of what I write is all in good fun. 928 more words

Eve Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Big Updates

Big changes are at Tamriel doors! The Update 6 is expected to be really important and it brings substantial chances to The Elder Scrolls Online world. 606 more words