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Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer Wows at Comic-Con

Will Warcraft be able to buck the bad video game movie trend?

The Duncan Jones-helmedWarcraft movie is still a long way off — even though filming finished in May, the movie isn’t due out until March 11th, 2016. 583 more words


Playing Elder Scrolls Online on a crappy connection.

During QuakeCon, Steam had Elder Scrolls Online on sale for the low low price of $29.99. That’s half-off, so of course I bought it, despite my internet moving at a paltry 1.5 m/b each second. 296 more words

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Square Enix Now Offering Two-Week Final Fantasy XIV Trial

Have you always wanted to try Final Fantasy XIV but were skeptical of whether it’s worth buying the game and committing to a monthly subscription? Well, now you can try out the game for two full weeks, however, there are quite a few restrictions to this new jewel for interested newcomers.


Thought level 20 was the max in Destiny? Watch this.

Ryan McCaffrey over at IGN went over to Bungie today to get an exclusive first look at guardian life passed level 20. Sandbox designer Sage Merrill shows just what can be possible. 56 more words

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Playstation 4 News: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 'The Wraith' Trailer

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) and Monolith Productions released the Shadow of Mordor Gameplay – The Wraith trailer, offering an all-new look inside the gameplay of the highly anticipated action game… 51 more words


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Do You Suck at MMOs?

So, a few days ago Massively posted one of their Daily Grind articles, posing this very question. The first thing that came to mind for me was, what is good in MMOs today? 306 more words


Donors for July 31, 2014

Today started out pretty slow. I am guessing people were off farming for R&D mats since the R&D weekend is here. Don’t forget you get 50% more exp from R&D assignments! 7 more words