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Donors for December 19, 2014

Today was another great giveaway. We got even more people into the channel and we are now sitting at 215. It’s a great beginning. I would still like to see far more people in the channel so more can have an opportunity to participate. 180 more words


Destiny Daily 12/19/14: You'll Need More Patience and Time To Get What You Want From Xur, Daily Bounties

Last night I joined up with some clan members (Better Hide or Die) and a couple of randoms from DestinyLFG (I’m not sure which one) and we ended up downing Crota, literally, on both of my Hunters. 1,083 more words


Better Gaming Through Anime

Plenty of you have read of my recent character builds, many inspired in part through two anime programs: Sword Art Online (SAO) and Log Horizon (LH) 2,280 more words


Horde for Life Poll: Account Wide Garrison!

Simple question for all you – forgetting the details for the moment – do you want your Garrison to be account wide or do you prefer to manage them individually per character?

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World Of Warcraft

Star Trek Online - A Letter to Jack

Below is a copy of an email I sent to Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Emmert. This was written shortly after Al Rivera placed me on ignore because I was sending him information about #Trollgate on Twitter. 2,694 more words

Star Trek Online

Donors for December 18, 2014

Today was a great giveaway! We gave away from Lobi kitties which are probably my favorite pet in the game! We had 15 donated to us today so there are sure to be more in the future. 226 more words


MMO’s, are they your thing?

Massive multiplayer online games (MMO’s) are a big part of my gaming life.  For me they provide a lot of game time, something I really miss about playing games as a kid, games back then seemed to last forever and were definitely much harder. 859 more words