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Destiny - The Casual MMO Players... Eh

Image Copyright Bungie/Activision, via Kotaku UK (http://goo.gl/nvfh2V)

Normally, I’m not a big MMO player and have always had a generally dim view of them. 3,408 more words


Video Game Tuesday: Destiny [Beta Impressions Days 2-6]

This week I’m talking about my time spent on the Destiny Beta.

First off I have to say that while I really wish I could be playing with the second subclasses, and that the level cap was just a bit higher, I’m not surprised that Bungie isn’t allowing us to progress much further in the Beta than we could in the Alpha. 285 more words

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Testing Out Galactic Strongholds

This weekend I downloaded the PTS to try out the Galactic Strongholds update! I only copied over my main toon from the live server, so I didn’t have a lot of credits to work with. 1,048 more words


It Isn't Just Me - I'm Not Alone

You know, it isn’t just me out here slinging some critical thoughts at some of the moves Portalarium and some members of that community all alone. 319 more words

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Everquest 2: Wherein I Confess my Lore OCD

When I decided to try and level a character to 95 before we left for SOELive without boosting, it was because I know myself very well. 461 more words


Destiny Beta First Impressions: What More Can You Ask for?

What will half a billion dollars buy you? If Destiny is any indication, not much in the form of creativity or novelty. Destiny upon reduction is first and foremost a product. 1,078 more words

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