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Real time construction and military simulation game - Rushwar



Come and play the newest game Rushwar. Rushwar is war game (RTS/SLG) based on Medieval Times, with real time construction and military simulation. The game features various different buildings, heroes, and items to play with.  399 more words

Unknown Unknowns

I was talking with my good friend Spirit, found on Twitter and the Relics of Orr podcast and she happened to mention something offhand about the living world team. 513 more words



By now it may be obvious that I’m more interested in MMORPG’s rather than console games. I like that I can solo content but also play as part of a group and meet new people when I feel like doing so. 739 more words


EQ2, The Forgotten Quests: Cedona Books, Freebloods, & City Quests

Cedona ventured up from the Caves and into Qeynos to check out the sage’s offerings in the Mage’s Tower and to start her adventuring in Antonica. 314 more words


Donors for August 20, 2014

It was a slower giveaway, but still pretty solid. We had a bunch of new people.

There has been some strange happenings in the game lately when it comes to the community and certain factions that have cropped up. 106 more words


Gaming Update

I haven’t written much on what I’m currently playing, so I thought I’d give a weekly update on where I’m at with the various titles I’m plodding my way through. 491 more words


Addressing the Community

I never thought I would have to write something like this, but it feels a bit like certain parts of the community are spiraling out of control. 530 more words