EA will let you play its newest games for $5 a month

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EA is creating a new service on the Xbox One that will give players access to recently released and upcoming titles for $4.99/month; … 48 more words

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Deal Alert - FFXIV Gets 2 Week Free Trials!

Another short but sweet post–Hunts and gearing up my PLD/learning Coil have been taking up all my time this week. Plus, Comic Con SD last weekend means LOTS of pictures I need to edit. 100 more words


Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn First Impression

Since Square Enix is letting anyone play Final Fantasy 14 for free I decided to give it a shot. 


Firefall Review: Ashes To Ashes

While Firefall’s compelling setting, gorgeous stylized-look and more involved and dynamic gameplay certainly made a strong case for what MMO’s could become when it debuted, it has been a long four years since then. 44 more words

Archeage - Some Minor Thoughts

Archeage just started another closed beta, and it was pretty fun trying it out. Now these are just going to be some thoughts on the very first bits of the game, and I will probably write a better story when I get to play it more, but overall Archeage is looking to be pretty sweet! 419 more words


August is the Month of Blogging!

Even though I’ll be in Germany for nearly a week of this month I’ve decided to take part in a blogging initiative called Blaugust. It’s mostly being done by game bloggers. 657 more words