4/24/2014 - Wherein I encounter a Problem. (Spoiler- it's me the whole time!)

I’m just settling in at my desk this morning, about to log into Final Fantasy for the beginning of my day. I work overnights at the moment, and because of this I haven’t slept yet so I don’t know yet how long I’m going to play this morning or if I will be coming back to more later. 1,177 more words


Daily Shots - 4/24/2014

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s Daily Shot is 2/3 from the docks at Costa Del Sol, by far the most beautiful area of the game I have seen so far. Enjoy!


Bloody Dread Master Tyrans

Currently in my guild, we shifted from 16-man raid groups to splitting into smaller. 8-man raid groups. Last night my team worked on Dread Palace Hard-Mode. 402 more words


Edward's MMORPG Hunt!

I’m searching.

And I’m  viewing.

If they’re bad, they’re bad.

Here we go.

Keep your sights on the site, for new reviews!  I was going to do a huge playthrough on SWTOR, but it was such a huge disappointment.  471 more words


WildStar: Devspeak Warplots

Today WildStar released the newest edition to their DevSpeak video series: Warplots.

Warplots is a massive 40 versus 40 PvP game mode which allows  players to build and customize their own personal “Warplot” which can be matched up against an opposing team’s own customized Warplot. 242 more words


Hobo Gamer: ArcheAge

With the ode to sandboxes that was my last post completed, it seemed it was time to return to my Hobo Gamer series with another sandbox entrant -  3,681 more words