ESO the WoW Killer?!?!

The Elder Scrolls Online is a little over a week old(if you pre-ordered the Imperial Edition) and has been going through the standard MMO set of growing pains.Below is a quick list of things… 516 more words
Elder Scrolls Online

Day 276. More Wildstar pictures

I’ve been able to play Wildstar a bit more the past couple of weekends. Gene and I ended up buying the game and so we’re automatically able to get into the beta weekends. 152 more words

Post A Day

What the players want - who can say? | MMO Gypsy

Only on MMO Gypsy, “What the players want – who can say?”

I’m sorry Syl, but whether you like it or not, this post is the single greatest thing you’ve ever produced in my eyes. 1,137 more words


WildStar Beta Weekend Codes !

Three beta weekend codes for WildStar this weekend !!!! I got them when I went to Pax East 2014 !!! I would like to thank everyone who follows me on my site ! ENJOY !!


TERAble Twos

I’ve gotten to put aside a couple of games this week – my six month nostalgia kick with EQ is decidedly on the wane and I finished Project Diva 2nd# on Hard – so my evenings and lunchtimes are considerably more open. 409 more words