First Firefly Online gameplay trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con

The first gameplay trailer for Firefly Online, the MMO based on Joss Whedon’s cult classic sci-fi show Firefly, has been shown at San Diego Comic-Con. 17 more words

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Beauty and the blight

Although beautiful seems to be the wrong word it’s what came to mind when questing in Grimvault. Well yes, all that Strain and eyes with and without stalks are certainly a bit grizzly but there were definitely some really beautiful sights in that area. 651 more words


Destiny pre-order trailer shows new gameplay footage

We’re so close now I can practically taste it. After months of hype and tantalising snippets of info from Bungie, Destiny is nearly here.

The Destiny beta has been up-and-running for Playstation owners for the last few days, and is coming very soon for Xbox gamers also. 35 more words

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I only have one more character to level in Star Wars the Old Republic.  I will admit that I am an alt-a-holic.  I have 26 characters all to 50 or above, and only one more to level, currently at 32.   78 more words

Heroes & Generals: Generally Heroic

I didn’t know how to title this article. When ELGN first started producing content a few months ago, we decided not to do reviews. We’re not a news website, and we don’t want to be just another IGN (eventually we plan to be recording regular podcasts and let’s plays, but that’s another story). 1,366 more words

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Four housing tourists and a decor bug

My new blogging schedule

I decided to organize my blogging schedule a bit because otherwise I’m just too lazy to post anything in weeks. Well, I normally prefer the view that I just don’t have enough time to post and that is partly true but still it’s also a question of not knowing what to write about. 1,089 more words


FFXIV's Free Weekend for Inactive Accounts!

A quick but short post for today. Square Enix wants to bring back those lovely subscriptions from players who have let their accounts elapse, and is doing so with a free to play weekend! 125 more words

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