[GW2] Just started - first impressions (pt1)

Ahh, my month of WoW subscription ended and my boyfriend would rather play something preferably with no subscription attached. Coincidentally, Guild Wars 2 was at a 50% off discount, and he already had an account so he encouraged me to give it a try.


On Elder Scrolls Online & MMO Launches

Here come the angry fanboys. Let me explain to you the “MMO hype cycle”. First, a company announces an MMO with a flashy trailer at some big convention. 510 more words


Freedom of Choice

Funny how little things kind of get you thinking.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was working on EVE Online to get a new toy there (so to speak); in the comments for that post, I remarked that one of the reasons I don’t run the Level 4 combat missions is because I wasn’t trained up to actually survive those missions.  813 more words


Final Fantasy XIV Comes to PS4

Hello and welcome back. It is I Tim the Asian. A few days ago Final Fantasy 14 for the PS4 came out. So, let’s get right down to it.


This will change RPG's forever or maybe just 12 years later.

As a kid I loved three things; the internet, video games and writing. Sadly as I grew older, I started writing less and less, video games become more and more and, well, by then then the internet was in my pocket, which was ridiculous at time. 531 more words

Elder Scolls Online

Star Citizen has reached $42 million in funding

Just over two weeks since I bought you the news that Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen had reached $41 million in crowd-funding, the game has added another million dollars to its pot. 90 more words

Video Games