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Erie Times-News Doesn't Print Another Letter

I must return to the original purpose of this blog, to circumvent the limitations imposed by my beloved local rag.  The lamestream media has been really getting to me and I had to vent via a letter to the editor.  228 more words


MACIS will conduct a training workshop for the newly selected District Immunization Champions (DICs) in the Northern, West Nile, Lake Kyoga and Karamoja region in September 2014 .The DICs will be trained on data collection, reporting and analysis. 81 more words

GAVI Alliance

Pregnant mothers DO NOT GET VACCINES YOU WILL HARM YOUR BABIES- whistleblower autism caused by MMR vaccine scandal - health ranger tv Interview with John Rappoport

Health ranger tv on the CDC whistleblower / MMR vaccine fraud – Interview with Jon Rappoport from NoMoreFakeNews.com
CDC should be renamed to the DVD (delivery of vaccine diseases) 35 more words

CDC Fraud Exposed

CDC Whistleblower: This Is the Real Smoking Gun

Medical Fraud

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In particular, what role did Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC (2002-2009) play? Thompson sent a letter to Gerberding on February 2, 2004, a week before a major meeting on vaccine-autism issues. Mike Adams of naturalnews.com released that letter. In it, Thompson writes that he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study [and]…I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.” Thompson is referring to the data which we now know were the basis of the 2004 study that embodied fraud and cover-up. So Gerberding, the head of the CDC, knew there “were problems.” She knew Thompson was telling her there was a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. That’s what Thompson meant when he wrote to her: “problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.” Gerberding is now president of Merck Vaccines. Do you know what vaccine Merck manufactures? The MMR. The vaccine which was let off the hook and given a free pass in 2004. The vaccine which, Thompson and his co-authors concluded— committing fraud—had no connection to autism. Julie Gerberding. Former head of the CDC. The behind-the-scenes key figure in a scandal that could blow up the CDC. Gerberding knew. She knows. She now heads up the company that makes and sells the MMR vaccine. Corruption of the highest order A scandal of the highest order Fraud of the highest order These criminals are profiting from untold numbers of children who they made money from by knowingly approving lethal MMR vaccines which they knew would cause autism children received these killer vaccines because of the trusted CDC so called professionals who approved the MMR vaccine, FRAUDULENTLY APPROVED IT, even when knowing it would destroy babies brains and gave them autism, and these monsters knew it would!!! What wicked evil monsters these liars are!

CDC Whistleblower: This Is the Real Smoking Gun, by Jon Rappoport, September 10, 2014


On August 24, CDC scientist William Thompson came out of the shadows and revealed that he had participated in a major scientific fraud:

He and his co-authors had published a 2004 study claiming there was no MMR-vaccine connection to autism. 560 more words


About All Those Vaccines…

In this special documentary-length episode of Truthstream News, Aaron and Melissa take on the CDC whistleblower and MMR-autism scandal (and that’s just for starters) — exposing the lies and obfuscations that have hurt untold numbers. 250 more words


Vaccine Court and Autism

MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Autism post updated, to read see here.

There is a special Vaccine Court set up to deal with petitions of vaccine injury. 78 more words