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Batch file to minify all the JS files within Folders and subfolders

I am using below code to minify the js files :

for /f %%f in ('dir /b ..\js\*.js') do (
    java -jar yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar --type js %%f -o %%~nf.minified.js
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MMT Humour - Money and Babies

  Money and Babies #1

  Money and Babies #2

  Money and Babies #3

 Money and Babies #4 7 more words

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We are stronger together

While in remission, and still healthy, I hope to be able to do something to help other people with the same cancer I have. There is a real need for this because of the rarity of this disease. 825 more words

Steps to Minify JS and CSS in SVN windows [on hold]

I want to compress all the Javascript and CSS files in my codebase,separately.

How can I do it right from the scratch using only YUI Compressor ? 60 more words


With the private sector starving For Treasuries, the recession clock keeps ticking...

The big news is that the United States Federal Budget Deficit is down to $486 billion or below 3% of GDP thanks to a $106 billion budget surplus in September. 502 more words

Spending = Income! The Government needs to run a deficit to balance the books!

Spending = Income !

I don’t know why anyone has a problem seeing that. But many of us are caught up in the thought that saving must be a good thing. 338 more words

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'Europe has a problem and it is called Germany.'

Read this article.

Also in Finland it can be clearly observed that ‘households will not spend because they scared of becoming unemployed and try to minimise their outstanding debt obligations.’ Statistics Finland had on the one hand a note that showed private indebtedness is still increasing (which I referred to yesterday) but also a note that shows that the household’s saving rate seems to be… 44 more words