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Revaluing the Swiss Franc

There seems to have been rather a lot of surprise over the recent revaluation of the Swiss franc. (CHF).  It jumped about 30% at one point against the Euro but has now settled back slightly. 239 more words

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A Mea Culpa and Some Comments on MMT and Fiat Currency Economics

It has recently been pointed out to me that some of my writing on monetary economics has not given proper attribution to the intellectual tradition behind the ideas that I present and that this gives the impression that these are my ideas. 587 more words


More, more, more money endogeneity confusion

First of all, happy new year everyone! We are now in 2015, so keep your eyes open for Marty McFly on the 21st of October. 1,873 more words

The Euro Cannot Survive Without Greece!

The consensus of opinion of the ‘great and good’ of European politics and economics is that the Euro can now survive perfectly well without Greece. The Germans aren’t going to succumb to blackmail this time as they did in 2012. 393 more words

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alittleecon top 5 posts of 2014

It’s the end of the year, so time to embark on a self-indulgent look back at some of my top posts from 2014. Here’s the top 5 most-read: 185 more words

Doctor Who and the Dalek invasion of Planet Earth 2150. The MMT version.

Many years ago when Doctor Who storylines were more comprehensible than they now are, or at least they were to me, the Daleks invaded planet Earth. 441 more words

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