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"Animal spirits" still rule speculation

VoxEU offers academica macroeconomic analyses that are a bit more nuanced than the bleating in the MSM. But often this nuance is not very impressive. Currently, there’s write-up of a paper online, titled… 331 more words


Muddled Thinking watch #4: "British economy too reliant on people spending money" Christine Lagarde IMF!


I don’t know where to start! All economies are about  “people spending money”! ‘People’ only get money in the first place when someone else spends it on their wages or salary, buys something off them or it’s transferred as a gift.   262 more words

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An Independent Scotland will need its National Debt!

There has been some ill-informed discussion in the media on how a possibly independent Scotland should take responsibility for its share of the UK National debt. 308 more words

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If the private sector's not doing it, doesn't mean it's not worth doing!

Regular readers will know I favour a policy known as the job guarantee. This is where the government pays the wages of anyone willing and able to work, but unable to find it. 758 more words


The EU: Progressive or Reactionary?

The French seem to be in trouble again over their 4.5% budget deficit.


Unemployment is 11% and rising in France. Unemployment among their under 25 year olds is 25%, so why is the EU fussing about its budget deficit? 334 more words

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Want to make your business card worth something? Easy. Start a protection racket!

An interesting experiment is take out a bank note from your wallet or purse and ask your friends and family , “Why does this piece of paper have value?” You’ll get a range of answers. 890 more words

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