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Loan repayments destroy credit money. Right? Wrong. They don’t. (Part2)

Part 1 on this topic seemed to generate a lot of discussion both on the comments section  here  and  here

The consensus being that I was wrong !   185 more words

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Going the Full Monty; There's No Such Thing as Fiscal Policy?

Since I discovered Modern Monetary Theory and was lucky enough to achieve some form of monetary enlightenment I have tried to come up with ways to make the special status of the Federal Government as the sole, sovereign issuer of the U.S. 411 more words

CFI nominates MMIT for 2014 Best Mobile Banking Solution Nigeria!

September 17th 2014 London, UK – MMIT is pleased to announce its nomination for the 2014 CFI Best Mobile Banking Solution Nigeria. CFI, Capital Finance International, is a print journal and online resource that has been in existence for over 170 years and reports on business, economics, and finance. 101 more words


The Biggest Lie

Put plainly there is a good chance everything you have been told about how our country, or other similar countries, function is pure fiction. Like a lot of my posts, I think, I’ll start by saying something that seems, at first, ridiculous and counter-intuitive but bare with me… 1,832 more words


Greece launches first MMT program for inmates

Image by Thomas Hawk

By K. Lanktree

Agios Stefanos Prison in Patras, Greece is the proud new home of the country’s very first ‘prison’ methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) program, where inmates struggling with addiction can now be provided with proper treatment, medical care and compassion they so desperately require to treat their addictions while incarcerated. 470 more words


Objections to the Job Guarantee

On Thursday I went to Sheffield to watch an excellent lecture on the Job Guarantee by economist L Randall Wray. It was a good chance to meet some Twitter friends in person for the first time and also to see in the flesh someone whose work I’ve been following for the last three years and whose ideas I’ve blogging about for the last two. 1,289 more words


[TCCL11][ChanBaek moment] Cú ăn bơ quá thốn của PCY

Vụ này diễn ra cách đây không lâu, nhưng quả thực nhìn mặt Park Chan Yeol rất buồn cười…rất rất rất buồn cười :D Bởi nên mới quăng lên đây dìm ảnh một lần nữa :D… 200 more words