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How the Economy Actually Works & Why Austerity Doesn't



These links are of pdf files of PowerPoint slides and associated document pages containing the notes associates with the slides and should be viewable in your browser. 485 more words


The logic of modern monetary theory

Modern monetary theory seems wacky to me.

But try as I might, I can’t find any logical flaw in the basic idea.

Governments create money.  Why, then, do governments ever have to borrow money?  256 more words

Economy And Business

Modern Money Theory and Post-Keynesian economics - time for reunification?

Three authors from Newcastle, Australia, namely James Juniper, Timothy Sharpe and Martin Watts, have just published a paper asking why Post-Keynesians (PKs) do not integrate Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) into their school. 281 more words


Strength In Numbers

A conclusion from a conjured up argument that existed last year might help. MMT vs. Few Kingz. The style of the albums both with very few similarities however, there still was a winner. 486 more words

I was wrong, but Ralph Musgrave is a bit of a sexist.

So I’m thinking of withdrawing my Positive Money membership, because I now think their proposal doesn’t really make sense. Most of what I’ve said about it on this blog is probably, if not completely wrong, then at least poorly judged. 579 more words