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Oh dear... I finally got tagged in the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

My sister of all people (she isn’t even on Facebook!) sent me her video via ‘WhatsApp’ so I had no choice!

Here’s my video :-) 55 more words


I Can't Resist A Good Challenge!

Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Top $100 Million in 30 Days compared to $2.8 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 29). 374 more words

Why supporting the "Ice Bucket Challenge" doesn't make me a corporate sheep

Like many others, I have recently become innundated with videos of the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge. Most are very similar, a lot are somewhat funny and quite a few are quite poignant. 1,312 more words

My Story

ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge

I recently did the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge, so did my son, though with warmer water. It is for a great cause and I think everyone should make an effort and donate, even if they are not nominated. 17 more words



What happens when you throw ice, video and charity into a bucket? You get a viral social media campaign.

Much like the #nomakeupselfie, the… 382 more words


Why I am not doing the ice-bucket challenge - the missionary position

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I got stopped in the street on Chapel walk in Sheffield by an earnest young man collecting to fund “missionary work” for an organisation whose name I cannot remember. 1,040 more words

#ALSIceBucketChallenge - a Social Media Phenomenon

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a recent craze that few can have failed to notice – it has swept the nation in literal waves, raising an unprecedented £48 million in less than a month.   256 more words

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