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Eating the MND way every day - 17-a-day average!

Some days, actually pretty much every day, I am asked what I eat.

I eat an EXTREMELY nutritious diet, and this is important.

I have written about this, and it would be WELL WORTH you taking some time to read these links in this post, as this is fundamental to what MND is all about. 759 more words

Healthy Eating

Sit Down

So the disease marches on. I do not really notice the decline that much. Family I see occasionally notice it. However I do notice things getting more and more difficult. 308 more words

Motor Neuron Disease

Putting Me In Kennels For The Day

Sometimes the people you love can say something that is innocent to them and probably to everyone else, but can hurt a little bit. Okay maybe I am a bit over sensitive about my disease. 359 more words

Motor Neuron Disease

Two steps forward, one step back

If you were going for a 6-mile run, but you took 2 steps forward, then 1 step back, you’d have to run 9 miles to finish the original distance. 591 more words

Healthy Eating

MND is 3 years old - the story so far.

Today is my birthday!

I am 44 years young today, and inside I am literally bursting and screaming with stuff I want to say and do and share with you. 2,715 more words

Healthy Eating

Generous People Doing Good Things

It’s coming down to the last couple of days for the few fundraisers I have been watching the past couple of months. Nobody here is under any obligation and can breeze by this post if they wish, I know I do not normally do the publicize things here but I find seeing people giving cool and do not mind giving the occasional plug. 196 more words

I am breathing!

Time passes in serene green
and sometimes, in the deep sea blue;
But when it passes in crimson red
that’s when my breathing stops,
that’s when I understand… 133 more words