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What characterises my mindset most?

Most people look at MND patients and see a person who is afflicted ,but not sure how they actually feel inside.

From my personal view, having now almost reached three years with the disease , it is the feeling of frustration . 156 more words

The drugs don't work and you can't trust the media!

This is important.


It you have ever been prescribed statins, or if someone you love is taking statins, you… 1,716 more words

Healthy Eating

The Ice Bucket Challenge

If you are plugged into any kind of social media networking site you my have recently noticed that random people all over the world have been throwing buckets of ice cold water over themselves all in the name of ALS. 469 more words

School Events

A moment, dark and rich

A moment dark and rich
like a beautiful piece of mahogany drenched by sunshine
danced across my mind
how can it be so deep and yet so bright? 206 more words

MND TV Episode 6

MND TV Episode 6 – “Don’t eat fat it will make you fat!” “No, no it’s not the fat now, it’s sugar – just don’t eat sugar, it’s the cause of rising diabetes and the obesity epidemic.” “Just eat your 5-a-day!” “Oh no it’s not 5-a-day anymore, it’s 7-a-day, you must eat your 7-a-day to combat cancer and other diseases!” 158 more words

MND TV Latest Episodes

MND TV Episode 5

MND TV Episode 5 – what is MND and MND TV all about?!?!?

This video will help to explain what MND is all about, and what MND TV is all about…I talk and write about lots of different things, this short MND TV episode will help you to see what it’s all about and how it all connects together! 147 more words

MND TV Latest Episodes

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Of course I have to start by talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Unless you’ve been studiously avoiding the internet, tv, radio, newspapers, people, and any shop selling ice and/or buckets you will be familiar with this near revolution in charity fundraising.   2,590 more words