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Hiragana...Check! Katakana...Check! Onto the Kanji

Alright folk so I’ve got some pretty big updates and some pretty big news !!!

I have successfully memorized all the Hiragana and Katakana characters for reading and writing meeting my previous Objective. 679 more words


Robert Graves on Remembering the Future.

“In the poetic act, time is suspended and details of future experience often become incorporated in the poem, as they do in dreams. This explains why the first Muse of the Greek triad was named Mnemosyne, ‘Memory’: one can have memory of the future as well as of the past. 20 more words


The tools at my disposal

I was going put the content of this post into the previous post but it was too long and covered a different area so I figured it’d be best to separate the two. 579 more words



‘Listen to the sad story of humankind, who like children lived until I gave them understanding and a portion of reason…For seeing they saw not, and hearing they understood not, but like as shapes in a dream they wrought all the days of their life in confusion…No houses, no fabrics of wood. 62 more words



“The truth of the materials as against a fabrication, substantial truth opposed to false pretences, the truth of natural laws… Truth? It should be understood in the original Greek sense of aletheia, as something that opposes the waters of oblivion… absence, forming some negative ideogram: unforgetting, not an essence in itself but a long inverse path”. (33: The Essential Joseph Beuys)



Why Musing...

“No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation.”-Walter Begehot

Greek mythology is replete with characters possessing great influence and power.   171 more words