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Nothing wrong with Mo Farah's marathon run

You know you’ve gotten really good at what you do when the public starts expecting you to do the unexpected. That new level of pressure has now undeniably landed in the lap of British track star Mo Farah, whose eighth-place finish in last Sunday’s London Marathon — Farah’s first-ever marathon — is being treated like a huge disappointment and a major flop from one of the world’s best athletes. 683 more words


Well-positioned university leagues have role to play

The vogue in Ugandan sports circles is to have a university league. Basketball officials have jumped onto the bandwagon whilst the cricket top brass is clearing away the cobwebs. 1,010 more words

5 Stages To Measure Success

When starting out on a new project how do you know what success looks like?  Is simply completing the project just good enough?

Muddy Boots

My London Marathon 2014 weekend

My weekend began with Mile End parkrun. I went there to hand out vouchers for the London Marathon Store but was also able to run. This was a great run because a lot of people from far and wide came and did it because of the small race occurring on Sunday! 910 more words


The Marathon Debut

How to sum up Mo’s debut? A successful maiden voyage into the unknown or a step too far? I had mixed feelings watching the London Marathon on Sunday, but I can’t profess to being surprised. 930 more words


VLM 2014 – Mo, Cheer Points, Emotions and Marathon Fever

The London Marathon 2014 has come and gone and circa 30,000 people are feeling pretty smug (and rightly so) about what they’ve achieved. I have a funny relationship with the VLM (all in my own head), but when I first floated the idea of a @UKRunChat Cheer Point I was overwhelmed by the response to the idea. 813 more words


Sporting Heroes - April

We are finally into the first out-and-out athlete for this column, and after last weekend it feels appropriate to be one of the biggest heroes in the country – owner of fairly unique celebratory stance and someone who everyone feels they could be mates with - the great Mo Farah. 267 more words