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Where the Hell is the Media on this story?

A white US Marine went into a Waffle House late at night in West Point, MS. As he went in a black man warned him not to enter because he is white. 135 more words

Super Mob Book review

Reading a great book I found at the Racine Library called Supermob by Gus Russo who has written other Books/Stories on the Mob in Chicago. 163 more words

You need to know this.

When demonstrators become a mob, they will be contained. Whether it is by local law enforcement, state militia, or marines. A mob can never be allowed to rule. 107 more words

Another chapter

Another chapter is beginning this morning. Wow what a send off!

Thank you American Legion and VFW post for breakfast and an amazing send off to our training and deployment! It means so much!

American Leigon

The Bad Side of the Building

It turns out I work in a bad neighborhood. I always felt safe walking the halls of my workplace, especially considering that we share the building with a department of law enforcement officials. 590 more words

Reception To The Mob

Banking on new freedoms lead towards the five spectacle of growth. A welcome reception always helps the initial nervousness. Perhaps conversation is a bit too stern and brutal. 533 more words