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¿Estás aburrido todo el día?
¿Quieres encontrar algo que te distraiga e tu vida aburrida y rutinaria?
¡Pues ahora hay algo que te podrá ayudar! 69 more words

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Arcade Miss Fortune & Riot Kayle Skins

This post is still being updated!

There are two new skins on PBE: Arcade Miss Fortune and Riot Kayle. For his release, Gnar is getting a Dino skin (release date TBA). 49 more words


DOTA Diary: Day 1

Tonight I bravely had another go at playing DOTA 2 online following a lot of games against bots.  I really didn’t expect much as I still felt grossly unprepared for the chaos that any DOTA game can bring but as hopefully you can see from the score tables below I was able to get in a couple of wins. 170 more words

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New Champion Gnar, The Missing Link

Updated 07.29.2014

A new champion is breaking its way to Summoner’s Rift. Gnar is an ancient Yordle who protected his Yordle village against a big threat (creature from the Void?) by transforming into a big beast. 1,708 more words


DotA 2 vs LOL, LOL vs DotA 2. No me odien. Mi punto de vista.

Este va a ser el primero que haga que me puteen (creo), y va a ser largo, muy largo.. porque hay mucho que decir jaja!. 1,811 more words

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 10

Europe Week 10

Alliance still showed they’re the team to beat going 2-0. Especially in the game vs Copenhagen Wolves where they only have one death and 29 kills and everyone except Nyph had a Stacking item (Mejai’s Soulstealer or Sword of the Occult). 427 more words

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