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LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 1/29/15 - A Disney Introduction

Lifespark Arena Weekly Update 1/29/15

By Dominic

Hey everyone, welcome to the last week of January. The LifeSpark team is still cranking away, and here’s your snapshot of what is happening. 537 more words

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10 lucruri generale pe care le-am învăţat jucând League of Legends

1. Botlane-ul este cel mai safe de jucat. Întotdeauna ai o doua persoană lângă tine pe care poţi da vina.

2. “Mi-e foame” este una dintre cele mai bune scuze pentru afk în ranked. 123 more words


DotA2 The N00B Review

In my absence from posting on here I have been very busy with life stuff. Looking for gainful employment, catching up on breaking bad, socializing and staying in touch with loved ones among other things. 303 more words


Riot Games, maker of the wildly popular League of Legends MOBA, is offering the The Music of League of Legends Vol. 1 as a free download… 105 more words


Heroes of the Storm - Beta

Die Beta des Hero Brawler (Ähnlichkeit zu Moba) vom Softwareriesen Blizzard ist bereits in der nächsten wichtigen Phase angekommen. Man kann sich nämlich mit dem Gründerpaket für 34,99€ einkaufen. 633 more words


League of Legends: A New Sports Recipe

League of Legends has become something so much larger than “just a game” to so many. It has surpassed the singular title of game and has earned the title of sport.  777 more words