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Opinião: E-sports: uma febre ou um fato?

Durante a minha infância eu me perguntava “como assim pingue-pongue é um esporte e, ainda por cima, olímpico?”. Essa pergunta era feita por não saber distinguir um jogo de um esporte, como se um esporte fosse algo mais “sério”. 468 more words

Drop Hour

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 9

Europe Week 9

Alliance and Millenium have come back into form as they went 2-0 in the week. Fnatic as well went 2-0. However they did not play each other but arguably weaker teams or Gambit who are having big problems. 487 more words

League Of Legends

SMITE no Brasil, Level Up Games trará versão traduzida do jogo.

O Jogo Smite foi lançado em março desse ano pela empresa Hi-Rez Studios e com o crescimento do cenário de jogos competitivos, puxado principalmente por “League of Legends”, “Starcraft 2″ e “Counter-Strike”, o Smite já está entre os 3 jogos mais populares do gênero MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). 234 more words


Running Headfirst Into Brick Walls: The Grand Finals of Dota 2’s International 4

Written by Alex Tretrop

(Spoilers for Valve’s The International 4)

And so The International 4 has officially come to an end. The Aegis of Champions has been claimed by Newbee, a team which, after an unconvincing 7-8 record in the BO1 Group Stages, just seemed to come together in spectacular fashion. 593 more words


Don't Try to Copy League of Legends Model, Advises Game Consultant

In the current pantheon of free-to-play (or whatever Europe wants to call them) videogames, Riot Games’ League of Legends is one of the most frequently invoked. 400 more words


Good Game, Old Sport

For a bit of context, this post was born out of a discussion I had with Izlain on the podcast Couch Podtatoes. We disagreed fundamentally on the definition of the word ‘sport’, whether esports are truly sports, and on the importance of physicality to qualify as a true sport. 1,003 more words


My Time With Minimum

After getting some hands-on time with the early access build of Human Head Studio’s Minimum, I can solidly say that I plan to pick this title up once the full version launches. 1,344 more words