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Last day to buy "The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock" for $3.99 and £3.08 on Amazon US/UK!

This is the last day of the half-off sale of my novel, The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock. Starting tomorrow, it will return to its original price of $7.99 USD and £4.99 on… 133 more words


The Box - or the extraordinary adventure of a mediocre man

Level 1.

I need to think. There isn’t much else to do in here, after all. I need to think. It’s amazing how one can get distracted even if there is nothing, absolutely nothing around to get distracted by. 8,644 more words


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The war on terror knows no martyrs

Scot Faireth’s face was weary as he stepped into the bare room. He looked dejected, his shoulders were slack and there was something about his general demeanour and unkempt hair that spoke of a few sleepless nights. 3,353 more words


Life without Death by Satprem (ebook)

“Life without Death” is written by Satprem originally in French and published in 1985 under the title “La vie sans mort”. It is a follow-up to Mind of the Cells, co-written with Luc Venet, and provides a glimpse of Satprem in his post-Ashram life in this period. 1,354 more words


The Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem (ebook)

Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem

“Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness” is one of the most remarkable books written by Satprem. 1,694 more words


On the Way to Supermanhood by Satprem (ebook)

The Book “On the Way to Supermanhood” is written by Satprem an was first published in 1987. It is an essay on experimental evolution, which powerfully conveys the atmosphere and vibration of the new world; the “book of tomorrow.” 680 more words