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You get something wonderful, I get something valuable.

Book reviews are valuable. They affect my book’s raking on Amazon. Reviews play a role when readers are looking for the next great read. And, a rating of 4 or 5 stars makes me dizzy with delight. 336 more words


القران الكريم للشاشات 6 انش [kindle, sony & Kobo reader ..]

في بلادي في الحفل الافتتاحي لأي منشأة جديدة يبدأ بالقران الكريم لذا وجب علي ان يكون هذا المقال عن كتاب الله لان هذا هو مقالي الاول!



Thanks to some amazing help from D. Emery Bunn, I’ve just finished polishing Olivia’s Choice! So I thought: let’s have a surprise!

So, I’ve uploaded the new spiffier Olivia’s Choice to Amazon and lowered the price to $ 0.99. 132 more words


Useful infant gadgets to have

Note, all of these are nice-to-haves. Each costs money and I realize it might be an issue for some moms, but if you can at least get some of these from a friend or second hand if appropriate, then I believe they will make your life with the baby easier. 997 more words

Book Formatting is Like Building a House...Really

A couple of blogs ago I talked about letting my manuscript go, like a Momma Bird lets her Baby Bird out of the nest. Well, this week I have a new analogy. 564 more words


Review for Epubor Ultimate Converter

I was so excited to get my first e-reader. I looked over all my options, and went with a Kindle Paperwhite…awesome right? Well, sort of. See, I didn’t realize that the 200+ books I had purchased on Google Play would not be able to be read on my new Kindle! 258 more words


A penny for your thoughts..

Looking for some broad opinion here :-) What domains do you see value in? .com .info .mobi maybe? Let me know your thoughts below, I Beleive .mobi is headed for its second coming. What do you think?