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A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

Katherine recently requested “The Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin, so here’s the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire series: 26 more words


Free! All digital editions of "Women and Other Constructs" until the end of the month

Last year, I put out a little collection of short fiction. Mostly previously published, with a few new pieces, and even a sonnet about a murderous robot. 243 more words


Are you a blogger, a book reviewer, or active on Goodreads?

If you’d like to read MORTAL LOVE: AFTER THE FALL before the publication date and would consider writing a review, I’d be glad to send you a free copy in either MOBI or ePub format. 73 more words


Free review ebooks

Free review copies of all C&N Publications ebooks are available. All we want in return is an honest review (that means if you didn’t like it, feel free to say so – but we hope you do like it – obviously). 130 more words

Mobi 911 Leads Review - Can Mobi 911 Leads Work for You?

Mobi 911 Leads Review – Can Mobi 911 Leads Work for You? Mobi 911 Leads Review – CLICK HERE: http://www.WorkingAtHome4U.com/yt005.html Always get the details and know your choices prior to buying! 14 more words

Crypto-Gram, April 2014 (in EPUB and MOBI format)


Crypto-Gram is a famous free monthly newsletter written by the security expert Bruce Schneier. The original is available at Bruce Schneier’s website; this is the same content in MOBI and EPUB format, suitable for e-book readers. 21 more words


Mobi 911 Leads Review - Is Mobi 911 Leads legit

Mobi 911 Leads Review – http://myfreemarketingsystem.com

Mobi 911 Leads by SqueezeMobi launches April 17th, 2014. Mobi 911 Leads Review. You probably have come across many Mobi 911 Leads videos attempting to sell it to you. 144 more words