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Facebook Will Never Perfect Mobile -- And That's Okay

In early 2013, a group of Facebook engineers visited Africa to test its mobile app in poor network environments. The results were predictable, and frustrating for Facebook. 481 more words


Weaponized Malware; Keys for Self-Defense

 Keys to Weaponized Malware

The increased harassment of unwitting internet users by impostor Microsoft agents continues to proliferate. I have witnessed the distress and alarm from users encountering emails, phone calls, and computer intrusions by these cyber extortionists. 257 more words


iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Pre-orders Top 4 Million

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have hit the 4 Million pre-order mark in 24 hours which Apple has confirmed, this maybe the reason why some people were having trouble ordering the device when Pre-orders opened. 35 more words


Mojang The Parent Company Behind Minecraft Gets Bought By Microsoft

Mojang the company responsible for the hit game Minecraft has been officially been bought  for $2.5 billion. The Minecraft purchase doesn’t make sense due to judging a company’s further success based on one hit game is a risky move as we’ve learnt from Zynga, but Minecraft will be a much welcome add on to the Xbox division. 48 more words


How to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

In the era of new technology with new apps emerging almost every day in the mobile app development industry, getting good mobile app developer surely pose a big challenge. 650 more words


Windows Phone vs Android vs iOS

This post is likely to spark some strong feelings from readers with an affinity to one or the other of these operating systems, and the choice of mobile operating system is largely one of personal choice.   1,394 more words


Microsoft Needs Minecraft to Boost Mobile Ambitions

Microsoft’s impending purchase of Mojang, the Swedish developer with 100 million players of its open world Minecraft game, is more aimed at pulling users onto the software company’s obscure mobile platform than its better known PC system or Xbox game console. 543 more words