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Google Maps Now Support Hindi Language To Mobile App And Web

English is one of the most prominent languages spoken in India, but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks it, nor do all the people that do necessarily prefer to use it. 104 more words


Facebook Introduced Save Button On Mobile And Desktop

Facebook has introduced a new button that enables users to save items that can be read later. Dubbed simply as ‘Save’, the feature is similar to bookmarks and allows users to save links, music, places and more for later. 183 more words


Hispanic Millennials and Mobile

Millennials make up the next big consumer wave and they are very reliant on mobile devices. For many years, the Hispanic community was overlooked as a buying segment but now most businesses see how important their spending power is. 291 more words


Sand Made Batteries Can Soon Be Used To Change Phones

Scientists have formulated an all new way by which one can use sand to charge the phone. They have formulated a lithium ion battery that outperforms the current industry standard by three times. 194 more words


Jets, Jewelry and the Law

What do jets, jewelry and the law have to do with each other?

Taking your in-flight experience to a whole new level recently became possible via the new… 311 more words


Waterfall vs Agile - Dessert Bake-off

A Thought Experiment: Waterfall vs. Agile Dessert Bake-Off

The waterfall software development process has its roots in the Manufacturing and Construction fields and holds one principle dear: “Wasted time equals wasted money.”  Thus, development focuses on concrete requirements in the early stages of development and easily identifiable milestones, then progresses sequentially through them.  668 more words