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Confirmed: Facebook is building an ad network

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg today confirmed reports that the social-networking company is building a mobile ad network for developers.

During Facebook’s Q1 2014 earnings call, Sandberg stated: 143 more words


Facebook's app install ads have driven 350M app downloads to date

Following strong first quarter earnings for 2014, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company’s mobile app install ads have led to 350 million total app installs since the feature was first introduced in June 2012. 180 more words


Facebook 1Q results soar; CFO to step down

NEW YORK – Facebook’s earnings nearly tripled and revenue grew sharply in the first quarter, surpassing Wall Street’s expectations thanks to an 82 per cent increase in advertising revenue. 587 more words


4 steps to create Successful Mobile Marketing Experience with examples

You know that mobile is growing and is very important for the brand performance. How to make sure your mobile marketing strategy is effective?

  2. 826 more words

Effective Mobile Marketing - Search, Media, Multitouchpoint Best Practices

Mobile must be at the top of mind for each marketer because this is already the gateway to the next billion consumers. By 2015 global smartphone penetration will be greater than 50% and already reaches 64% among A18 – 34. 365 more words


Is Mobile The New "First" Screen?

New research shows Mobile eclipsing TV as the first screen for consumers

A UK based research study conducted by Weve has ranked the mobile phone as the most important and first screen of choice for adults between 18 to 34 years old, The nationwide study of 2,000 adults between the ages of 18-55+, the study conclusively demonstrates the rapid ascent of mobile devices to ‘first screen’ status, with over a quarter of consumers turning to their mobile screen as the first way of interacting with online content, rising to 45% amongst 18-34 year olds. 290 more words

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据国外媒体报道,据移动广告平台Opera Mediaworks称,Android的移动广告印象份额首次超过了iOS。

广告印象(Advertising Impression)是指广告信息接触受众成员的一次机会。总印象数(或称接触人次)指媒介计划中整个媒介投放的亮相总次数,或指一个媒介排期计划所接触的总人次。


据Opera Mediaworks对2014年第一季度的全球移动广告市场的调查显示,Android的移动广告流量份额已由去年第四季度的37.7%上升到42.8%,而iOS的流量份额则由43.4%下滑到38.2%。

Opera Mediaworks在最新的《2014年第一季度移动广告状况》报告中写道,上个季度标志着谷歌(微博)的移动OS第一次击败苹果iOS,拿到最大的移动广告印象份额。



Opera Mediaworks称,Android在移动广告印象份额和移动广告收入份额上获得的增长主要来自黑莓和塞班。虽然失去了诺基亚的支持,塞班仍然占有一定的市场份额,其移动广告印象份额为5.8%。黑莓的移动广告印象份额略高于1%。

Opera Mediaworks分析了来自1.4万多个网站和应用的5亿多用户的移动广告印象,每月分析的移动广告印象总数达到640亿条。