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Don’t Make Your Application To Get Covered In Piles Of Dusts

You have a clear idea now that how popular mobile phones are these days like every single thing is on the phone. Like “EVERYTHING” and applications have taken the form of a storm the app stores are flooded with them, in such a condition you have to take serious majors for enhancing the life cycle of your development. 253 more words

Mobile Computing

Biggest Update Of Android Coming To Samsung Flagship Phone

Google blessed us this year with the best ever Android version. This was the one we were all waiting for and for quite a long Google was due to this update. 265 more words

Mobile Computing

Apple Is Going To Be Generous At This Hour Of Code Workshop

From the last years we have Hour of code for students and young web and app developers. In which they are taught about new techniques of coding and all the new developments. 234 more words

Mobile Computing

Honeywell's New Wearable Solution

Honeywell’s new wearable solution for the rugged enterprise class Dolphin 70e mobile device provides a hands-free computing solution. Hands-free computing opens up opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs throughout a company. 248 more words

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Wire A New Calling And Messaging App From The Founders of Skype

Skype was launched few decays ago but still in use on most of the devices in the world. But I guess Skype is unable to catch up on the latest technologies like we still have problem connecting call and voices issues. 294 more words

Mobile Computing

Mobile Data Theft Protection Is Now Possible With Mobile Security Apps

Mobile data security is one aspect of owning an android smart phone that needs to be focused on. Our cell phones or better yet, smart phones are like hand held repositories containing all our private data that we would want anyone else to be privy to. 506 more words

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Microsoft Acquires Acompli, To Enhance Outlook For iOS And Android Devices

So Microsoft is very determining in setting the stage on iOS and Android grounds. As their recent step is the most evident one on the miles to go. 291 more words

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