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Mobile Development and the Major Areas of Difficulties

Technology is always evolving with the changing market dynamics and varying needs of the consumers. In the mobile app development industry, this change is highly evident. 631 more words

Mobile Development

The interesting logic of low-end high-tech

When people choose to choose wisely instead of nurturing biases for brands, business is blown wide open.

Smartphones and tablets have become the primary web access tools that people use to go online, do correspondence, engage in gaming tech to amuse themselves, and of course, do business.

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Mobile Devices: Pocket Computing

If the technology of this decade were to be defined by a single group of devices, it would likely be mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 604 more words

Engaging Prospects with Device Agnostic Marketing Tools

It has become very clear that the multiscreen world is upon us, changing the face of marketing rapidly, and B2B marketers must adapt to this revolution. 449 more words

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How to cope with telecommuter work distractions

There are bound to be instances when various sorts of stimuli attendant to their chosen workplaces would distract remote telecommuter workers. When such things happen, it becomes more difficult for them to sustain a high level of momentum.

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Cell Phone Free Zones-- Anywhere?

I did not have a cell phone until my first year of college–I was eighteen years old. My youth was free of ringtones, touchscreens, and apps, and life was good. 546 more words

Apple Patents Android-Like Gesture Unlocking Tech For Mobile Devices

Apple has a pair of new patent applications published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) which describe a gesture-based unlocking system for iPhone or iPad devices. 263 more words