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How to cope with telecommuter work distractions

There are bound to be instances when various sorts of stimuli attendant to their chosen workplaces would distract remote telecommuter workers. When such things happen, it becomes more difficult for them to sustain a high level of momentum.

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Cell Phone Free Zones-- Anywhere?

I did not have a cell phone until my first year of college–I was eighteen years old. My youth was free of ringtones, touchscreens, and apps, and life was good. 546 more words

Apple Patents Android-Like Gesture Unlocking Tech For Mobile Devices

Apple has a pair of new patent applications published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) which describe a gesture-based unlocking system for iPhone or iPad devices. 263 more words


Have you Snubbed or Embraced Ned Ludd?

Are you a luddite? Have you embraced or snubbed Ned Ludd?

A recent post Lawyers Finally Forced to Embrace Technology (& Snub Ned Ludd) on the Law Practice Management Advisor blog coupled with recent changes to Comment 8 of the Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 on Competence regarding technology which states (bold text is new)” 472 more words


Social Media

Social media is an amazing invention. It followed the normal progression of life. The infant years of new discovery, the toddler years of sometimes making a mess, the teenage years of rebellion, through adulthood that its past shaped who it would be today. 262 more words

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Traditional publicity and content marketing compared

As the market becomes made up of more and more mobile device users, the increasing importance of reaching out to consumers that are constantly mobile also becomes a vital bone of contention.

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Content Marketing

Know the mobile device percentages game and win

If you’re a businessperson who knows well how customers use their personally owned mobile devices, you stand to benefit from that knowledge only when you use that as a basis for your online content for mobile applications.

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