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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One

I have the Galaxy Note 2, and I plan to upgrade to the Note 3 when my contract runs out. I really love this phone.

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Educational Technologies

CA will drive much-needed product adoption through strategic sales transformation

By Andrew Smith, Analyst

Below is TBR’s commentary on CA Technologies. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. Contact Andrew Smith at (603) 929-1166 or andrew.smith@tbri.com for additional commentary. 726 more words


This Temporary Tattoo Can Unlock Your Phone | TechCrunch

I’d think this was just a clever April Fools joke, if it wasn’t the middle of July. Motorola and VivaLnk have made a temporary tattoo that can unlock a.. 43 more words


Facebook is Officially a Mobile Company

It wasn’t long ago that Facebook was widely seen as having a “mobile problem.” Those days are gone.

Facebook reported Wednesday that mobile ads accounted for about 62% of its ad revenue in the second quarter, up a from just 41% a year prior. 174 more words


Liberty and Privilege with a Side of Economics

Some point to government regulation as protecting the masses from conniving corporations who want nothing more than to defraud helpless consumers.  Consider a contrary opinion from the folks at the Cato Institute: 448 more words


Connect with people, not wifi

It’s rare that I find anything useful or intelligent posted in the comments at the bottom of articles on the internet, but this guy made a good point. 501 more words


The Magic of Internet Marketing...Not!

Last Friday, I visited the offices of Google Canada, where I spent the morning listening to two speakers who seemed to have completely disparate views of successful internet marketing. 734 more words